Tips to Getting Quality CBD Products

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Although the CBD boom is not yet here, people are already aware of the numerous health benefits and cosmetic effects of this ingredient.

The processing, however requires fund hence the low quality CBD products are many in the market.

To get quality CBD products, there are factors you need to consider. In our volume 1 CBD talks on healthpally, we discussed these quality tips, here are other things to consider before purchasing this product.

Extraction Method

To extract CBD Oil from Hemp, the processes are a bit complex and expensive.

If the extraction processes are not done properly or harsh solvents are used, these can leave chemical residues in the finished CBD product.

If, on the other hand, contamination is to be excluded in the extraction process, it is necessary to use carbon dioxide.

As part of the extraction process, the CBD should be pressed out at low temperatures and under high pressure, healthpally advised.

Another advantage of this method, also known as CO2 extraction, is that numerous valuable ingredients such as flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids also contained in hemp are retained.

If carbon dioxide is no longer under very high pressure, and evaporation process occurs, there are no traces of CO2 in the end product.

Overall, this process has the following advantages

  • The end product is of high quality.
  • The end product does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals.
  • The end product is free of ethanol, propane, and butane.

What’s the Right Product for You?

Although most people opt for the CBD oil as a dosage, some people do not like the very intense taste.

Those who don’t like taking the oil in bottle because it’s opened may also not like the dosage form.

Whatever your reason for looking for an alternative, there is one: you can ultimately opt for CBD paste or CBD spray.

CBD tablets, CBD water or CBD globules and hemp flower tea are also other good dosage forms of CBD.

Consider the Seller’s Quality

Before you buy a CBD oil or any other CBD product in an online shop, you should make sure that you are dealing with a competent and also reputable dealer.

A first quality feature is when you can reach the online shop via a customer service telephone number.

On the one hand, online shops that offer inferior CBD products are often very difficult or even impossible to reach.

You can rely on a reputable online shop that your questions about the products on offer will be answered competently.

You can dial the customer service number before your purchase.

if you reach an employee, the probability is very high that it is a legitimate company.

If the online shop also belongs to the so-called “Trusted Shops” association, it offers you a second quality feature.

Ensure no Medical Statements are Made

It is right for online shops to make medical statements about the effectiveness of the CBD products they sell.

Of course, it is legitimate to point out possible fields of treatment and treatment successes.

A promise that a disease will be cured or a symptom will be combated will not be made by serious manufacturers or serious dealers.

Manufacturers and retailers who do not obey this law should be avoided, says healthpally boss.

A Balanced Price-Performance Ratio

As with almost all other products available on the market, the same applies to CBD oils that the price is not a sufficient quality criterion – accordingly, neither more expensive nor cheaper is necessarily better.

What is certain, however, is that the manufacturing processes differ in price.

For example, a gentler CO2 extraction is usually more expensive than chemical extraction processes for those, due to the necessary, sometimes very complex equipment and the high level of expertise that is required in the course of the extraction toxic solvents such as ethanol, propane or butane are used and leave traces in the finished product.

The price for CBD products obtained using CO2 extraction is also slightly more expensive than CBD products made using chemical extraction processes.

Overall, there are these reasons for higher prices for CBD oils

  • The hemp grew organically (in Europe).
  • The oil was created through the process of CO2 extraction.
  • It is an organic product that was made in Europe.
  • The ratio of CBD and CBDa is good.
  • The company/product has been certified.
  • The CBD product has been tested in laboratories.

Consider the Shipping Costs

Although you find this tip to be trivial: As a rule, reputable CBD online shops also offer free shipping.

At least if you reach a certain order value, pay attention to this aspect, concerning the different online shops, existing price differences can quickly turn a very cheap product into a significantly more expensive CBD product.

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