Will The iPhone X Step Into The Future? Get To Know!

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The Apple iPhone X is replaced by the new generation Apple Phone after its official discontinuity in 2018. The iPhone X is a 13th-generation Apple product and now in 2022, we have the 19th-generation iPhone 14. Even 6 generations later the X Series holds its own significance and may step into the future. 

Even 5 years after its official release iPhone X repair parts are a demanding product in the local market. Not all Apple consumers switch to the newer generations every year. As it is the first in a new generation of iPhones, people still like it. The design of this phone is the biggest shift since Steve Jobs passed away. The Face ID replaces the most iconic feature the home button of Apple devices. 

In many ways, the iPhone X celebrates even after 5 years, as it is now available at a cheaper price and the iPhone X parts are available globally. At launch the main complaint was the premium cost, now after 5 years, you can now pick up this phone for a lot less money. You don’t need to worry about expensive parts like the newer generation iPhones. We recommend buying the iPhone X to users who are willing to get the ultimate experience at a cheaper price tag. 

The iPhone X still excites users with its stunning screen, edge-to-edge display, and more powerful tech and parts inside. Its parts are a revolution for the consumers and Apple itself. 

This review will now update the users that will the iPhone X Step into the future after 5 years.  

iPhone X Design overhaul 

  • 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm, 174g 
  • Stainless steel and toughened glass design 
  • IP67 water protection 
  • Edge-to-edge Super Retina Display 

The iPhone x design is still not outdated as the newer generations follow a similar design. Many other mobile manufacturers are trying to step into this design.  The iPhone X features a glass back and front available in Space Grey and Silver color. The edges are a polished stainless-steel frame seen on the Apple Watches. 

The iPhone X screen is a real-estate at 5.8 inches in a smaller chassis. So, for users who are not happy about plus-sized smartphones, the iPhone X is a much better choice now and in near future. 

The edge-to-edge iPhone X display excites the users, with no bezels at the top and bottom. Even Samsung with its infinity display has a space at the top and bottom of the display. While the iPhone X has a uniform remaining bezel. 

As a result, this design obviously makes a point for the iPhone X to step into the future since many android devices are still coping with the bezels around the display.  

Goodbye to home buttons on smartphones screen is what every manufacturer is leading to providing AI software-based navigation buttons.  

Powerful Retina display 

  • 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display 
  • 2436 x 1125 pixels and 458ppi 
  • True Tone, HDR10 with supportive Dolby Vision 
  • 625 nits of brightness 

The Super Retina iPhone X screen measures 5.8-inches. It offers a 2436 x 1125-pixel resolution for a 458ppi pixel density. 

There is also a significant increase in resolution. The 458ppi leaps ahead of the 401ppi that you’ll find on the midrange phone or future devices. It means you will get more detail on the iPhone X screen making things sharper and look better. 

The screen is not just only for viewing photos, but it offers sharp text and gaming graphics. The OLED panel is not the highest resolution on a smartphone as compared to today, but still, it has great quality. The OLED display is one of the reasons the iPhone X steps into competition for future smartphones. 

Not to miss the Notch on the iPhone X display it just enhances the part of user experience. 

The OLED iPhone X display is one of the leading smartphone displays leaning toward future displays with more color vibrancy. 

Apple’s iPhone X display is HDR-ready as well as supports Dolby Vision, which is a rare and key element to stand out as a competitor in the future.  

Unlocking with Face ID 

  • Unlock your device using a facial recognition system 
  • Secure and hardware-based 
  • Cannot be fooled by photos or masks 
  • Embedded with the Applications too 

The facial recognition system on the device works regardless of your connection to the outside world. It means that your face data is not shared anywhere else. And still, Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on getting it right and more secure. 

It takes only about 30 seconds to set up and enable the Face ID security. You still need a PIN as a backup.  The Face ID hardware hides inside the notch, you will have to actively look into the sensor to unlock your iPhone. 

The technology behind the Facial recognition system is a futuristic approach. The Face ID scans and maps your face with 30000 infrared dots. So that it cannot be spoofed by someone else. This tech advancement is a different approach to the facial recognition system or iris scanners you probably get on other smartphones. 

Facial recognition is rapid as compared to ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. With the Face ID, you simply need a swipe up and don’t have to wait for anything to happen. It just works rapidly. 

The future is all about easy access to your smartphone so the iPhone X Face ID offers quick response which is a leaning step towards the future.  

Apple iPhone X cameras and photography 

  • 12-megapixel Two rear cameras,  
  • Optical image stabilization on both the wide and telephoto lens 
  • Wide f/1.8, telephoto f/2.4 apertures 
  • Portrait Lighting 

The iPhone X camera is a dual 12-megapixel camera setup on the rear. It enfolds a wide photo lens and the telephoto lens using a similar configuration. The key feature is that both these cameras offer optical image stabilization.   

This dual-camera setup offers you a fantastic level of detail in images. The low-light performance is being enhanced via software updates. 

The two rear cameras produce remarkable images in every situation, while the front-facing camera performs perfectly too. It’s a 7-megapixel sensor, but you can take Portrait selfies using the AI depth effect techniques. 


  • Apple A11 Bionic chip second-generation performance controller 
  • M11 motion coprocessor 
  • Qi wireless charging 
  • Stereo speakers 
  • Fast cable charging supported 

The iPhone X carries the same A11 processor but with an enhanced second-generation performance controller and M11 motion coprocessor. The A11 chip consists of two high-power cores and four efficiency cores. This allows it to offer more power and greater efficiency. 

The battery life of the iPhone X is enhanced by quick cable charging and wireless charging. The shift to the glass back is the reason to charge the iPhone X battery wirelessly, using the Qi wireless charging standards. 

Best Replacement Parts for iPhone X 

After 5 years of its official release users are still buying the iPhone X. While you may not find the iPhone X in its perfect condition. You can buy iPhone X parts online at affordable wholesale prices. At MK Mobile, all X Series replacement parts are tested and shipped worldwide. 


The iPhone X was and still is the big change we were waiting for. It’s still a fantastic device and will definitely step into the future.

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