Tips and Tricks to Increase Watch Time on YouTube

How to increase youtube watch time
lIt’s easy to get wrapped up in vanity metrics while running a digital marketing agency. Clients want to see outcomes, and your team wants to demonstrate the worth of their efforts. Sadly, emphasizing things like followers, likes, impressions, and views slightly earlier on only paints a tiny part of the story. You must tailor your strategic plan to all of the social networking performance indicators (KPIs) that your customers care about. On YouTube, you can track various metrics, including views on YouTube, impressions, and click-through rates. Even so, there has been one metric you must prioritize above all others: Increase Youtube watch time. YouTube can be a wonderful place to earn through creating art in the form of videos. People who want to get into the world of YouTube content creation need to understand the prospect of increase youtube watch time and it will generate the best results. Let us discuss what watch time is, how it impacts your channel and how to increase it.

1)     What is YouTube Watch Time?

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the definition of watch time. Watch time has gotten defined as the amount of time the audience has viewed your content. Watch Time gives you all of the details regarding how the viewers have perceived and responded to your video. This information gets provided to the users in the form of analytics.

2)     What Is The Impact Of Watch Time?

Watch time is one of the most prominent features that YouTube considers in a channel. YouTube uses analytics of watch time to push the videos out to recommend if the results are impressive. It is also to note that the recommendation cycle opens up the content creator to reach new heights and more revenue.

3)     How to Increase Youtube Watch Time?

There are several things a creator can do to enhance their watch time. Let us discuss the top ten recommendations to improve watch time:

4)     Create Top-Notch Content

Your content is the meat of the entire operation. Ensure that your videos are not only top quality in production but context as well. This decision will help you in the grand scheme of things. Make sure that your production quality is top-tiered. Invest in a good camera, lighting, and microphone. Get a backdrop to make it look professional.

5)     Grab Attention in Fifteen Seconds

The first fifteen seconds of the video are the gold mine for attention-grabbing. It has gotten proven that the first fifteen seconds can make or break your watch time. In these fifteen seconds, it is your job to grab the audience’s attention. You can either show a snippet of the most riveting part of the video, give a quick rundown of what you will discuss. You can also remind the audience to watch till the end. The fifteen-second part will help you get in favor of the YouTube algorithm and get your videos on the recommended.

6)     Thumbnails, Titles, and Descriptions

Thumbnails, titles, and descriptions are the skeleton of the entire operation. Your content won’t shine if you don’t use the most fitting thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. For thumbnails, make sure to use the image that reflects what your video entails without it being misleading. It is to note that people get drawn to colors (bright or aesthetically pleasing) and visual prompts more (emojis). For titles, the same rules apply but in text form. Make sure your title is not too long or too short. Make sure that it catches the attention by indicating the content of the video. Look into SEO-friendly titles. For Descriptions, mention the context of the video to help the analytics and the audience. Descriptions help everyone know the context of the video. Add SEO-friendly words for maximum results (SEO company in Dallas can help you with that). Add hashtags and links as well.

7)     Engage with the Audience

There is no shame in asking for likes, comments, and subscriptions from your audience. These interactions help you enhance the watch time using the snowball effect. More engagement leads to the analytics pushing out your videos and getting you more audience with perfect online advertising.

8)     Generate a Playlist

Let people see the best of you. Create playlists that are relevant and properly structured.

9)     Check Analytics

Check your analytics to gauge what your audience is interested in, content-wise. Use this information to generate content that is more liked and discard what does not work.

10)  Add Closed Captions to the Video

You can add the (closed captions) at any point of the video (before & after upload). Captions help the users who need them to engage with your content. It will help you to improve your online presence in term of organic traffic.

11)  Share to Social Media

After uploading the video on youtube, make sure that your audience knows about it. It will help you by sharing the video link on your social media.


Watch time is one of the most critical aspects of YouTube. Watch time is the views your videos get and how to engage the audience is with your content. By using the right tricks, you can rise on the ranks of the watch time. Enhancing your watch time will lead you to several benefits. YouTube favors videos with higher watch time, leading the videos to reach the recommended, bringing in more audience members. You can easily enhance CPM with these tips and tricks. It will help you to get more engagement and revenue.
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