4 Trends To Change the Future of Online Advertising

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Online advertising trends are a hot topic in digital marketing. As the world is going through a major challenging time, there has been some significant change in PPC marketing. Not just Google ads but the entire online advertising industry is evolving fast.

At present, the whole digital marketing industry is in the middle of an evolution. It is overcoming massive roadblocks of Ad Blockers, changes in data privacy regulation, and Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (that one is a bummer!).

Surveys aren’t doing any favours as well. 90% of consumers find digital ads as intrusive. 42% say the ads are irrelevant, and above 70% blocks repetitive messages.

The answer to all these problems?

We need to alter the way we advertise, think smarter, and proactively work on relevancy to our customers to find better ROI.

This article is to discuss some of the trends that are or will shape the future of online advertising. Learn carefully because it’s time to implement these trends in your following digital marketing strategies!

Using data strategies effectively

We all know the importance of data management. But, most PPC management companies fail to utilise them for best marketing practices.

Consumers globally are concerned with how their data is handled, which has led to stricter ePrivacy regulations. The point is all about consent. It means putting your customers in the driver’s seat and building your marketing experiences around THEIR preferences.

Once you understand and have the consent, you can be more helpful, relevant, and engaging with your online advertisement strategies. Using collective data to drive marketing strategies is still prevalent. The secret is having a robust management process towards making it successful.

Diversification of content creation & CMP

The world is boosting over 4.33 billion social media followers and rising. Content creation has become faster. TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram allows anyone to be a content creator, thus becoming more inclusive and diversified.

There are more than 500 billion blogs with millions of self-published books, podcast channels, and audiobooks. With multi-channel publishing platforms, people take advantage of their insights, knowledge, qualities, and more.

This is a golden opportunity for PPC marketing to promote their brands and catch people’s attention across multiple platforms. A creative management platform or CMP is a must—a cloud-based software that allows teams to collaborate, create, distribute and measure attributes of digital advertisement.

They are capable of handling all formats of digital ads, social ads, promotions. Videos, blogs, webinars, infographics—content marketers have enough to advertise. CMP also integrates the use of data from CRM to create more compelling ads.

Use of AI for contextual ads

Due to a significant focus on data strategy and algorithms, contextual advertisement is coming back in the market. Contextual ads are done with the assistance of AI and algorithms to display ads based on their sentiments and not past behaviour.

For instance, are you trying to promote an ad for an athleisure brand? The technology will pace this ad on blogs and websites that deal with fitness or health.

This occurs due to the targeting use of contextual preferences done by the ad tech and data by SEO services. This means that advertisers are developing better market reach by placing ads on relevant and impactful platforms. Personal data isn’t even required here.

Video content and chatbots in social media

Video improves conversion rates. In this mobile-oriented market, engagement is high on the list of social media d priorities. Video content can be used for tutorials, guides, and product promotions. Honestly, organic reach through Facebook and Instagram is old news. So, video content is the only way to increase reach and engagement organically.

Customer service isn’t always manageable in so many social media pages. Chatbots are the new customer service tools—a virtual link between the business and the audience. They are 24/7 open, spontaneous, and reduce overall cost.

In fact, chatbots powered by AI learn and develop through queries, thus providing improved solutions within minutes!

The whole fact is to pay attention to your audience and how they are evolving. All you need is an agile, holistic, and data-driven PPC management service like KOL Limited to ace the online advertisement market.

Krish is an inbound Content marketing specialist at SEO SMO Company. He loves to write on trending topics in different categories like Technology, fashion, travel, health etc. Connect for the ROI focused content marketing services.

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