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{Infographic} Types of PPE Supplies: The Lifesaver during Covid-19


Personal Protective Equipment or PPE supplies are a must for medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals when it comes to their own safety. They are in a practice of wearing it since a long time to protect themselves of the deadly microbes and other contagious diseases.

But with the advent of Covid-19 this year, PPE supplies are no longer limited to the medical professionals only. But the disease is still spreading globally like a wildfire, and PPEs has been one of the most important factor to fight and control the global pandemic.  

We are almost about to complete a whole year into the pandemic and by now have been more or less accustomed with the virus. Probably we have to bear some more time with the virus, until the full-proven vaccines reach out to every one of us.

What Are PPE Supplies That We Were Talking About?

PPE supplies are the most important in keeping us safe from the deadly novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2.

There are a few things that fall in the category of PPE supplies.

Firstly, face masks: Face masks are breathable yet restrict the droplets of body fluids (along with the virus) from reaching your nose and mouth and making you sick. There are usually two types of face masks usually available- disposable surgical face masks or medical masks and reusable 3-ply masks.

Secondly, disposable polythene aprons: These disposable polythene aprons are a part of the PPE which are extremely helpful for the doctors and healthcare professionals to take care of the patients without having themselves getting infected.

Then comes the face shields: Face shield are an added protective covering that keeps you doubly safe, if you are travelling or have to visit a crowded place. There are usually two types available- Face Safety Shield and Face Protective Shield visor with Glasses.

No-touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer: No-touch infrared forehead thermometer are used to detect temperature from a distance. They are easy to use, safe, and a must in every household.

Want to keep yourselves and your family safe from the deadly virus? Then scroll down and read more in details. Shop wisely and protect your family.

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