Top 6 Reasons to install Wood Flooring in your Home


One of the very common confusions for people who are building their first home or buying their first apartment is the flooring details. This great deal of confusion between tiled, carpet, laminate, or solid hardwood has led to a huge debate amongst flooring experts to determine which is actually the clear winner. For centuries wood flooring has remained the most favourite choice of flooring solution for people all over the world. Over the years, with the technological advancement in the flooring industry solid hardwood flooring has become the most favourite choice for home buyers and builders alike. Wood as a flooring material, gives you the freedom of customization and achieving the perfect look for your dream home.

Complement the Look of Your Home

Wood floors not only add a touch of elegance and lend character to your home but are also considered to be warm and welcoming. Many homeowners believe that installing solid hardwood floors even makes the space look bigger. Whether it makes your space feel more inviting and spacious depends on the rest of your decor of your home, but it is a great way to create a great first impression on the visitors

Easy and Effortless Maintenance & Cleaning

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy and hassle-free to clean and maintain. They can be swept, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to remove any dirt or natural elements that may have accumulated. Imagine not having to clean very often because your floors are not accumulating any environmental elements like dust mites or home pet dander. What makes solid hardwood floors even easier to maintain is the fact that they are significantly more resistant to stains than regular carpets. If you spill something, all you need to do is wipe it up and the floor does not need any special routine.

Economical and Value for Money

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, strong, and provide superior air quality. But they can be a bit expensive and out of budget for a few. However, this stands true only when you compare it with other flooring options and solutions. Agreed that wood flooring choices, be it bespoke, engineered, or coloured wood flooring cost higher than regular carpet or tiles. There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration – long-terms costs and future returns.

As solid wood floors are strong, durable, and easy to clean, they are less prone to get damaged. This transforms into potential cost savings in terms of repairs and replacements over the years. To add on to it, solid hardwood floors have a much longer service life which can go on for decades and at times centuries as well. One of the very many benefits of wood floors is that they do not fade away with time, as is the case with carpet flooring. This also helps to add in the sustainability and longevity of solid wood floors.

And as discussed already the amazing returns and value addition to your property will surely make a difference when you sell it. If you consider all these factors, you can understand why wood flooring solutions are so famous, economical and value for money.

Highlights the Interior Décor

One of the primary advantages of wood flooring is in its versatility to adapt to almost every type of interior theme in your home. No matter how often you are inspired to change the direction of the mirrors, wall art, decorative & art pieces or other decor in your home, the floors will always look exceptionally good and complement your desired theme. Additionally, not only will wood flooring go with your decor theme, but you have a wide range of colors, shades, designs and wood species to choose from. With real hardwood floors, you don’t get a factory produced design or style which gets repeated every so often. You can opt for bespoke wood flooring as per your individual taste and preferences.

Exceptional Strength and Durability

Being strong, robust and durable is one of the primary reasons why homeowners or home buyers choose to upgrade to solid wood floors. One of the main reasons this type of flooring is so easy to maintain is partly due to their robustness and durability. Agreed that it can develop a few dents and scratches over the years of regular use but if you take proper care and maintain your solid hardwood floors, it can last for decades.

Solid Wood Flooring Increases the value of the Property

Although hardwood floors are by no means the least expensive or economical option for flooring, the return on your precious investment is far higher than every other variety of flooring solutions. There are always positive and higher returns on your investment when you sell your house. Properties with solid hardwood flooring are valued at a much better price in the market. The demand is also really high because generally people would not want to go for a tiled or carpet flooring as they consider these as inferior flooring options.

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