Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Door Handles for Your Home?

Even a simple door handle can add perfect finishing touches to your upholstery. It adds a sense of aesthetics and practicality to the daily use of the door. This comprehensive guide will take you through door handles of different choices and styles that you should coordinate with your furniture for visual appeal.

When it comes to selecting door handles, you should emphasize the look of interiors while incorporating functionality to the whole scheme. It is good to explore all the premium styles, colors, and finishes available, alongside the considerable planning to choose the best stainless door handle for your home. 

Looking for door handles that complement your existing furniture? Here’s some information you need to know:

What are Door Handles?

Door handles are a primary element to open or close the entrance of a room. It should be convenient to grip, turn and pull, mounted at the right height/place, and most importantly, look elegant. It can help secure the room or office space and even offer privacy while you enjoy long soaks in the tub in peace.

Types of Door Handles

  • Lever door handles – Compared to doorknobs, lever handles are easy to work with, suitable for users looking for grip strength.
  • Pull handles – These are fixed door handles, which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the door. It is easy to open with a single push and pull.
  • Door knobs – These are available in locking, latching, and fixed pull handle versions, ideal for furniture doors and drawers.
  • Recessed handles – These are flush or inset pull handles, great for pocket doors, sliding doors, and glass doors.

Materials Used to Make Door Handles

When selecting the material of door handles, keep its longevity, grip strength, and maintenance in mind. 

  • Stainless steel door handles – These are a very popular choice because of ease of maintenance, sturdiness, and economical option. 
  • Aluminum handles – These are lightweight in nature and extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. Door handles made from brass and bronze are ideal for traditional yet stylish designs.
  • Glass handles – These are used for decorative purposes for both commercial and residential properties to complement styles as well as building design.

As there are various styles of door handles to choose from, you can consider contemporary door handles for minimalistic and ergonomic design whereas rustic door handles work great for country style and historical buildings.

Types of Finishes Used in Door Handles

  • Brushed – It has a soft, subtle appeal, works best for minimal interiors that wish to play smart with textures.
  • Polished – You will appreciate its reflective surface, bring light around a room for an open and cheerful feel. It is ideal for dark interiors to elevate deeper tones.
  • Antique – Its tarnished finish is used to recreate the appearance of metals, making them suitable for heritage decors and aged looks.

Things to Consider When Installing a Door Handle

  • Location – Decide where your handles should be mounted to bring aesthetics and prevent unlawful access.
  • Installation – When installing handles for multiple doorways, choose suitable door handles and take experts’ assistance to save yourself from hassle.
  • Latch packs – Door handle packs prove to be convenient when refitting a doorway as it carries all essential parts for a secure fit.


Door hardware not only serves the purpose of beauty but also secures your home, brings added convenience and functionality to your space. Understanding the right type of door handles is a reliable way to redefine your home décor and transform the entire appearance with small finishing touches.

Ready to get started with your door handle purchase? Never forget to consider a few factors such as the type of door handles, materials, style, and finishing touches to bring a new life to your existing space.

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