Vital Factors to Consider While Buying Outdoor Projector Screen

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The summer season is the time to celebrate amazing weather. When the sun goes down during summer, the temperature falls to a bearable level. People want to spend some time outdoors so that they can enjoy clear weather and starry sky. Mostly, they plan outdoor movies in their backyard. 

During summer, you can do plenty of outdoor activities and a perfect outdoor projector screen can make it possible. If you want to invest in a new outdoor projector screen then you should consider various important things to make the selection process easier.

We recommend you buy automatic projection screens for your outdoor cinema or movie night. When it comes to buying an outdoor projection screen, there are plenty of things which you need to consider.

While buying an outdoor projection screen, you should keep in your mind that your indoor projection screens are different from outdoors. 

Let’s discuss in detail the different types of projection screens:


You should ensure that your outdoor projection screen set-up stays up. It is imperative to ensure that wind will not ruin your evening movie night. You should check the stability of the projection screen and stand on which you are going to place your screen.

The outdoor projection screens are both lightweight and large. Thus, they can easily fall with the heavy wind flow. A large size outdoor projection screen means a large surface area that can easily catch the wind.

Therefore, they are more likely to fall when wind flows. While buying the outdoor projection screen, you should invest in pegs, stakes, and ropes.


Purchasing a tensioned projector screen is very important to set up an outdoor movie theatre. If your projection screen is not tensioned, then wrinkles and fold lines will affect your watching experience.

We recommend you buy a tensioned projection surface. Otherwise, you will experience annoyance due to ripples surface.

Screen Size

The open-air projection screen should be large so that you can leverage the large backyard space. A 20-foot automatic projection screen will be amazing for your backyard, but you should pair it with the bright projector to get the best image display on the screen.

Before purchasing the outdoor projector screen, you should measure your backyard. After that, you should find the perfect fit for your backyard. Also, you should measure the approximate distance between the viewer and the screen because it is an important factor while considering the screen size.

You’ll also want to measure the approximate location of the viewer. The best technique to find the right screen size according to the distance between the screen and viewer is that for every 12 inches screen width you should sit 10 inches away.


The outdoor projection screens are used for temporary purposes. People want to pack the projection screens and store them once the show is over. Thus, you should ensure that the installation and dismantling process of the outdoor projection screen is easy.

Make sure you do not need to hire professionals for setting up the screens. Thus, we recommend you buy an electric projector screen to make the process simple and easy.

Automatic Projection Screen

The projection screen should be automatic so that you do not face any project in rolling up or rolling down the projection screen. The motorized projector screen will let you control its operation from the remote location with the touch of a button.

Portable Screen

When it comes to the outdoor screen, portability is one of the vital components to be considered. You should make sure that the projection screen can be easily moved from your store to your backyard.

Also, ensure that it is convenient to shift the projection screen from one place to another.

Types of Outdoor Projector Screens

When it comes to buying an open-air projection screen, you have plenty of options like foldable screen, tripod projection screen, inflatable projection screen, electric outdoor projection screen.

If you love family movie nights in your backyard, then a powered projector screen can be the right screen for you. You can easily set up the screen and dismantle it. The foldable projector screen in large sizes is the best type of screen for the outdoor region. 

The foldable projector screens offer immense support and fulfill your outdoor cinema needs. Moreover, these screens are available at an affordable price and you can easily pop up the screen in just a few minutes. 

While buying the outdoor screen, you should pay attention to all the above-mentioned factors, but you should not forget the quality of the displayed image quality should not be degraded. 

Whether you have purchased an electric screen or a manual screen, the video displayed on the projection screen should be awe-inspiring to the audience. You should do research and invest in the best.

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