What is the best time to blog?

What is the best time to blog?

We are always looking for this information: when to publish on the blog? Are there better times and days to get more visibility for your posts? I’ll leave you my point of view right away: there is no fixed rule or junction to respect. In the sense that you cannot have a clear definition of this passage.

You can only figure out when is the best time to post on the blog according to the needs and expectations of your audience. The editorial calendar helps you to identify the best times for certain insurance topics, supports you in the optimization and planning work. It becomes essential to take advantage of lucky days.

And to avoid the unfortunate ones. Then are there the best times to put a post online? It depends, as I said before, I don’t think there is a precise rule for giving your content to readers, Google, and social networks. On the other hand, what can make the difference is the strategic aspect, observation, and planning based on concrete data. Those, that is, that you can register on Google Analytics. Here is my experience.

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The best days to post on the blog

Starting from the usual definition (there are no written rules), is it possible to identify favorite days to publish on the blog? Yes, you must always start with people. Or rather, from the relationship between the topic and the audience. In general, midweek traffic is higher for professional topics, because office hours are followed. But this is not always the case, especially when there are holidays that break the flow of visitors. This too must be contemplated.

Weekends, on the other hand, become the time for relaxation and lightness. I don’t want to read technical articles, I want to relax. So it might be a common opinion to leave weekends on the sidelines and then concentrate on midweeks. But think: you have a cooking blog, maybe Sunday could be the ideal day to present a new recipe and intercept who is in the kitchen.

In other words, the basic trend is to have more traffic during the days of the week. But in specific circumstances, you can achieve good results. Especially if you can spot certain trends.

The best times to post on the blog

The second step concerns the timetable: what is the best solution? When to release a blog post? Is it better to go online in the morning, afternoon, or evening? The idea is to be present when the public manifests itself as receptive. But this leads to more competition.

As you can see from ‘ infographic by KISSmetrics, revealing items in times of audience activity (usually in the morning) will let you have more visitors, engagement There is …and comments. At the same time, however, your update gets lost among other publications and the bounce rate effect is amplified towards other sources.

The same goes for less chaotic hours when traffic should be less inflated. For example in the evening, or early in the morning: it’s not difficult, with Hootsuite you can schedule almost anything (with Tweetdeck just Twitter) and you don’t have to be present online. In these cases you can have great attention to your creations but, at the same time, you cannot count on a good number of visitors.

Talking about a good time is difficult, I would say risky. I usually work like this: I create a constant appointment, I always put my content online in the morning. When people walk to the office or are in front of the computer and are starting to work. A matter of habit.

Social networks feed this logic, especially Facebook becomes a sort of feed that selects the news preferred by the individual user. Becoming an expected and qualitatively superior presence: this is your goal. You have to turn your update into a constant appointment, the way forward lies in the test and in adapting to the best condition for your reader.

So when to blog?

My definitive answer: when your readers need you when you can define a niche of users willing to follow your business. But above all, when you manage to create an appointment, a routine. When individuals are waiting for your work. The real step is this: you have to create anticipation.

You have to make people wait for your content. You have to become a date, a need. Social media can also help you along this path, by launching previews to spark the interest of the public. In the end, though, there must always be measurement and evaluation of the data, right?

In this case, you can use Google Analytics or web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data for understanding and optimizing the use of the web. When…which allows you to compare different periods and understand if an editorial behavior has been more or less successful in terms of visits. But the concept is this: you have to do some tests. You have to try and try again. Both in terms of time and days, you have to vary the routine.

You have to test different solutions. Do you think the weekend doesn’t work? Test. Do you want to go online Monday and Friday? Test. And record the response from the audience. From here you can start doing new tests and figure out what the best combination is. I recommend that you take a look at this guide on Analytics tracking.

Another useful Google Analytics tool: notes. When you arrive at the home of this tool you can look at the graph with all the visits, day by day. Here you can add annotations to indicate certain aspects and details. For example, you can point out that a post was published in the morning at nine, or perhaps in the afternoon. In this way, by replicating this work week after week, you can get information on the behavior of visitors concerning your business.

Your personal experience

In this case, I am convinced of only one point: your experience is decisive. Here you can do a lot, you can give your contribution and indicate what time and preferred day are. When to blog in your opinion? On what occasions have you recorded the best results? I’m sure you can help me find an answer: leave your blogger experience in the comments, let’s define together a line for friends and colleagues to follow.

Krish is an inbound Content marketing specialist at SEO SMO Company. He loves to write on trending topics in different categories like Technology, fashion, travel, health etc. Connect for the ROI focused content marketing services.

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