How to Protect Your Social Media Account: “Clickbait” Awareness

The purpose of content marketing is to get noticed by the audience, hence generating more traffic. It all starts with publishing creative content and attracting customers. Only then you can achieve success online.

The famous social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. with billions of users. Many small and large business owners use these platforms for marketing purposes. Moreover, other minor apps are using social media account as the validity of users. For example, if you have just downloaded a game, you can log in quickly by connecting to Facebook. Instead of signing up and providing the information again.

Although, from few years there has been exponential growth in marketers. They are trying some short-cut methods to gain traffic by using the “clickbait” method.

Using it shrewdly and efficiently can be a great tool for marketing. Moreover, it can be a step to disaster.

What is clickbait?

You might have never heard of this word, but you must have been a victim once in your life.

Simply put, a site advertising like “you would not believe” or with a photo of a celebrity with a caption “he said that about…”, they put this spicy title to gain your attention. When you click the link, it is something opposite to what you expected. Hence, they gain traffic even though nobody liked this technique.

Another famous way to use clickbait is through listicles, this method helps in gaining traffic from a wide range of sites.

The articles written in clickbait are not more than 300 and they tend to be the opposite of the headline which you read previously. However, you still read it to find out if there is something relevant to the title. In the end, users get that they have been misled to something irrelevant, but the site has gained traffic.

Multiple small businesses have been reported to use this technique of gaining traffic. Listing helps in creating relevant content so that users are not bored and do not report the website. So, they get the traffic, and users get some new information making it a win-win situation.

Being said, no one can promise the sale conversion rate of this type of marketing. However, it may leave a positive impact on your business by increasing its ranking on the Google search engine. Hence, organic traffic is attracted towards it. Although, clickbait can also backbite if you use it in excess.

Why you should be careful while using clickbait for marketing purposes?

The problem with clickbait is that it promises more and delivers below expectations. Additionally, people do not like to be treated like some goat trolled to open a website. If they found out that they are being misled by the same site again and again. they might report too.

More importantly, every 2-3 months Google updates its top-rank sites and SEO listing. Also, punishing the clickbait and fake publishing sites by deleting or banning their monetization.

Protecting social media accounts:

There are multiple methods of hacking someone’s account. As the technology is proceeding and progressing more, it also comes with some cons. The biggest risk factor is that your data can be leaked anywhere if the account gets hacked. Following are some ways to protect your account.

  1. Watch out for the survey, and give away scams:

Criminals will offer you a gift or provide a clickbait that you are about to win a brand-new iPhone by simply answering these questions. That is how you are attracted towards and fall into the trap.

However, while continuing they once ask for your personal information. If you may check the link where you are inserting the information, it is most of the time, not Facebook. So, this means that you were about to insert your sensitive information on a random page which is made to save the data you input. When you are done inserting, they give some illogical reason and error. Because the purpose is done, and your information is now accessed.

The biggest sign of such a scam survey is that it takes you to another window, with a weird link. Most importantly, it asks you to reenter your Facebook number and password. Do not fell for this and never spread it.

  • Do not connect with shady people:

You may have observed that every once you get a friend request from the opposite gender, the account is most likely to be fake. They try to manipulate you by making a bond at first and then ask for private pictures or information.

To make the conversation feel natural, they share their information too (which is mostly fake) but you do not know that.

So, the best way to tackle such a situation is not to engage or befriend unknown people.

  • Do not accept impersonating accounts:

There are millions of fake accounts which pretend to be someone else. There is a whole different debate on why such people do that. However, they can easily manipulate and get sensitive information regarding account detail and passwords.

You can have a good idea by checking their posts, comments, replies. The pictures they post and what kind of people comment on them. check if the account is new or when was it created.

  • Do not click fake streams:

Suppose there is an ongoing World Cup match, you are likely searching for that. Because half of the world do search about it. so, the impersonators know that, and they tend to take advantage of such situations.

Moreover, clicking on such scenarios downloads viruses in your phone which can cause bugs and slowing down while using. Do not provide your credit card information just to stream a match, this can cause you huge damage. These sites are never authentic.

Check which page is posting about the live stream of a movie or a match. If the name match and it sounds real, then you are good to go. But do remember, never input your sign-in information.

  • Avoid clickbait:

Whether the status claims that Ronaldo is marrying another woman, or the new season of Sherlock Holmes is out and leaked, never open the catchy headlines you read on the stories of many pages.

These take you directly to the links full of bugs and viruses. Moreover, it can result in hacking your account without you knowing. The surveys, movie links, giveaways, all are fake most of the time.

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