Different Types Of Bed Bugs You May Find Normally In A New Apartment

Bed Bugs

Though you don’t need to know the exact flavor of bed bugs infesting your home, knowing the bug species does assist Affordable Pest Control eradication professionals in ensuring they provide the most effective service. Adult bedbugs with flat bodies are approximately the size of an apple seed. Bedbugs cannot fly but can crawl fast across floors and walls. as well as ceilings. Throughout a lifetime, female bedbugs can lay dozens of eggs, approximately the size of a dust particle. 

But, before you do anything drastic (like this), take a big breath and carefully inspect to see whether what you found is a bed bug. And besides, some typical household pests have similar sizes, forms, and colours to those found in your bed. 

Bed bugs are back in the news for various reasons, with infestations widespread in homes, flats, hotels, dorms, schools, and shelters. Bed bugs can be found in hospitals, care facilities, museums, theatres, workplaces, municipal buildings, and public transit – anywhere there are people, bed bugs can be found.

The Sort Of Bed Bugs That Have Is Heavily Influenced By Where You Live

C. Lectularius and C. Hemipterus Bugs

 It would be best if you were concerned about C. applications in the United States or Europe. For instance and C.. They prey on humans and prefer to build their nests in domestic things such as beds, sofas, rugs, and even walls.

L. Boueti

Because it likes tropical climes,i is only found in Africa and South America. This bug will likely establish itself in your home unless you reside in those areas or have recently visited.

Where They Arrive From 

To assist in visual checks, use a tiny flashlight because bed bugs may travel easily; after returning from a vacation, vacuum baggage and look for any evidence of bed bugs. Bring a large garbage bag to store the suitcase during hotel stays, and wash all items on a hot cycle once you get home, even if they haven’t been washed. Bed bugs often congregate in out-of-the-way places, yet some termites will reside alone, separated from the epidemic. Looking for termites where you rest or rest is the most outstanding technique to check for an infestation.

How Did Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into My Apartment?

Bed bugs aren’t any more an uncommon problem in apartment buildings. Bed bugs have resurfaced as a significant nuisance in the United States since around 2000. Are Bed bugs sometimes brought into an apartment through infested luggage from a motel, or a hostel Bed bugs are much more likely to infest a home. Home in an apartment complex from a nearby infested flat during moving or by trying to pick up used or recycling furniture or mattresses.

Types of Bad Bugs

Bed Bugs Usually Are Seen in Houses (Cimex Lectularius)

This is a common fungal infection worldwide, as the name says. It is reported to have been established in the United States in the 1990s due to the migratory peak, and it is now virtually present throughout Asia and Europe. They are broad & flat, with an oval place at a single and pointed end; these are dark brown in hue and have a distinctive hairy appearance up close. For safety, common termites seek dark and secluded locations. Anywhere, such as a crack inside the wall or floors, under furnishings, or on your mattress, will do. They deposit their eggs and dwell in big groups here.

Bedbugs From the Tropics 

To determine the difference, you’ll need either pest control skills or a microscope. Pest control or research will be needed to identify which type you have. The tropical bed bug is the second most frequent species in the United States. They became extinct in the United States in the 1940s due to the widespread use of DDT. Even common bed bugs were nearly dead at this stage. They are not dissimilar to typical bed bugs. The only difference between them and the aforementioned is that they only flourish in tropical and temperate environments.

Bat Bugs

Bed bugs’ close relatives are bat insects (Cimex lectularius). In contrast to bed bugs, who feed on blood, bat bugs have evolved only to feed on bat blood (hence their name). They usually form colonies in areas wherein bats sleep, such as attics, under walls, and behind chimneys, and rarely venture into human living areas. Fortunately, this insect is not known to transmit diseases and is not considered dangerous. They are exclusively known to eat insectivorous bats. They reside in caverns and can transfer by latching themselves to the bats’ wings.

Swallow Bugs

They belong not to the same genus as bed bugs but the same bug family. Unlike bed bugs, they do not prey on human blood. In practically every manner, they resemble common bed bugs. The sole distinction is that they have longer hair on the front of their shells. They are the same color, size, and form apart from that. Rather than humans, these bugs feast on birds. They specifically prey on swallows. Swallows, unlike other birds, have nests. They resemble wasp nests more than anything else. They are confined and gloomy places where baby birds can reside safely.

Terminating And Getting Rid Of Bugs

First, Controlling Them From Circulating the Apartment

Clean and declutter your home, especially your bedroom. Reposition your bed far from every wall or furnishings. Every day, vacuum the molding, windows, and floors. The sides and joints of mattresses, box springs, and furniture should be vacuumed. Immediately empty its vacuum or bag and dispose of it in a closed bag and bag. Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bed skirts should be washed and dried in a hot drier for at least 30 minutes. Consider utilizing dust mite-resistant mattresses and box spring coverings with sellotape over the zipper.


Some Pest Control Vancouver companies employ special heating gear to de-infest bed bugs in furniture, rooms, and entire homes. The process is heating the contaminated item or region to levels that are fatal to the bugs. Portable heaters and blowers are utilized to gradually warm the air to around 120-130°F while strategically positioned sensors monitor. Bugs and eggs are eliminated wherever they might be without causing damage to home things by carefully managing the temperature.

Bottom Line

Because termites are tiny, they are not a cause for concern. Knowing that parasites feed upon human blood is cause for alarm in and of itself. Bed chigger bites can be extremely painful and irritating. Their moldy odor and egg casings may also represent a risk to persons suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

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