What to Post on Instagram: Top Post Ideas & Examples

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Short-form video content has taken over social media, and Instagram Reels are one of the exceptional methods to use this form of content. So why publish lots of Reels? Due to the fact, they’re fun, incredibly engaging, and they allow you to get miles wider attain. (Buy instagram followers uk)

The Instagram algorithm rewards Reels and makes them more seen by other users. So if you want to head viral on Instagram, posting Reels is acceptable. You’ll want to get a few matters proper first – like finding the best time to publish Reels and posting about the appropriate type of trending content. Everyone loves Reels. Get proper, and you could maximize Instagram engagement massively.


Carousel posts on Instagram have been identified as the platform’s top enticing shape of content material. You can use carousels to submit something, and you’ll always attract much more attention. The fantastic component approximately the carousel publish format is that it allows you to inform a more story. Because once in a while, one photo isn’t sufficient. Using a carousel submit is ideal if you’ve got a listing of thoughts to offer. 

On Instagram, no one desires to examine your blog articles or learn about how you could deal with their client’s wishes. Until you do it creatively, even a product release is brutal to pull off with any success. Instagram customers need to peer your character. They want to study who you are as an organization. They want to put a face to the call, so to talk. Showing behind-the-scenes at your employer is a splendid manner to showcase your persona, as Microsoft indicates to us below.

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Instagram engagement

A high-quality way to grow Instagram engagement is to faucet into what human beings are already thinking about. Tapping into what human beings are already considering is a first-rate way to boost Instagram  engagement, as Forever 21 has executed with Father’s Day below:


To make a co-marketing campaign painting, you mustn’t be Vans and Nintendo (the example below). Instead, you need to contact the social media marketer for an emblem you like and pitch a creative co-campaign. Remember to target those companies with whom you target a goal marketplace. For example, if you own a car store in Delaware, there’s no factor in increasing engagement with Justin Bieber’s fans.

This example from Vans suggests that they recognized a comparable goal market that it would be precious for them to reach (and alternate attain with). For a walkthrough on how you can create a co-campaign or promote with any other commercial enterprise, check out our article, “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Generated 1,263 New Leads (With a Little Help from Our Friends).”

A put-up idea that certainly hits domestic with the “amusement” requirement I noted before is funny content – a possibility for your commercial enterprise to get innovative and make something that makes your Fans (and potential fanatics) smile. This instance, from Vitamin Water, makes use of humor to enchantment to their potential enthusiasts and customers, efficaciously exposing a not-unusual social media trope. buy Instagram followers UK

Hashtag contests

Contests, specifically hashtag contests, make it clean for Instagram users to interact with your emblem and incentivize them to achieve this. Users put up their image in your contest by adding a photo to Instagram and then tagging it with a marketing campaign-particular hashtag.

This instance from Starbucks also taps right into a good exercise – a protracted-going for walks, draw-a-week shape. For extra on walking a hashtag contest on Instagram, take a look at our walkthrough, “Instagram Hashtag Contests: Examples and Best Practices for Marketers.”

High-Quality Post Images

It ought to cross without saying; however, it doesn’t. I nonetheless see manufacturers (brands!) posting low-fine pix on Instagram, after which thinking why they don’t have high-quality engagement. Get a better digital camera (or buy a better smartphone). High-pleasant pix will quickly pay it off with social media engagement and traffic to your website. And even though they don’t, at the least, you’ll be taken severely at the platform.

This instance from high-end cotton sweet agency BonPuf shows how stunning a photo of your product can be if you position it inside the proper framework and use the right filter. We’ve prepared a great listing of the top Instagram advertising equipment if you need to test it out.

Influencer Content

Influencer advertising can raise your commercial enterprise’s Reach exponentially, as some Instagram users are accessible with more significant attain than any enterprise. You will pay for that attain, for positive (many influencers take coins for a proportion or endorsement); however, you can use other methods influencers with a strategy in thoughts.

My recommendation? Make it some distance higher on their end, at the least in the starting, than it’s miles for you. And also, don’t (and I mean “don’t”!) technique an influencer whose enthusiasts aren’t related to what you sell. As I said above, what’s the point of getting one million Beliebers to look at your website if you promote car coverage?

Marketing campaign hashtag

A top marketing campaign hashtag permits your Fans to see the content material they need quickly, easily, and in one place. In addition, it makes Instagram more excellent and effortlessly, and correctly searchable.

If you’re liberating a brand-new product, don’t forget to attach a hashtag to it with each post you use to promote it. People will soon discover which campaign they’re most interested in (and making their lives less difficult is never a terrible component). This example, from Forever 21, locations their beauty product line as truly impartial from the relaxation of what they sell.

Instagram Giveaway

If you don’t have the energy or time to run an Instagram hashtag contest, you could constantly run an easy Instagram giveaway and sell it within a put-up. Just hyperlink your giveaway’s page within your internet site in your Instagram bio and inform Fans how they could enter for danger to win.

Instagram users need the identical aspect they want from another Instagram person out of your emblem – an insight into their lives and how first-rate it is. And that’s remarkable because that content helps drive prospective clients’ consideration. The character aware of you is much more likely to buy from you.


There’s not a whole lot to say here. People love pets, and if your business can discover a way to incorporate them into your Instagram presence, do it. And then do it again, after which it always happens all the time. Pets/mascots show that your commercial enterprise is hip, amusing, modern-day, and has a high-quality persona. And those are traits of agencies that humans need to buy from.

Here’s an instance of a Pet-primarily based Instagram submission from the social media control device Hootsuite.


This was once certainly one of my main publish recommendations on Facebook; however, because they cracked down on requesting Likes or Shares, Poll posts have fallen in reputation. And that’s why I’m excited to see them arising on Instagram. People love to categorize themselves. They love to feel part of a community. And polls give them that.

My condo keeps a coffee, and they have tip jars on their countertop. Of course, they have that excellent blackboard paint on them, and each day the barista writes a ballot  on every – things like “Tip for Superman” and “Tip for Spiderman.” I asked her once if she’s gotten more excellent recommendations because she added the top jars. “Hands down,” she said. “Not even an opposition.”

Occasionally you need to be more than just a pet-posting pollster. You should remember that Instagram is an area where you can exhibit your products and encourage human beings to buy them. This is especially true if you’re a store (and your merchandise is attractive).

Hyperlink is in bio

Just consider you may hyperlink to your products inside the publish reproduction itself, so remind humans that the “save hyperlink is in bio” – and continually update that link so it sends people to your product touchdown page. Alternatively, attempt Instagram Stories, which enable users to swipe up to navigate a related web page.

This instance from Forever21 combines a nicely-framed, expert photograph with a beautiful outfit and an @noted model (all great exercise).

Seasonal Content

Tapping into what people are already thinking about is going beyond holidays and current occasions. A unique way to connect to Instagram customers is to appeal to their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for the seasons. Ben & Jerry’s taps into seasonal posts pretty often, inclusive of this publish they did to understand the start of Spring. 

Story posts are an assignment and are more successfully carried out via video. However, they’re a powerful strategy. People love to pay attention to memories, and we’re far more able to remember what we listen to if it’s informed by store layout. For instance, while Groove tested the addition of a tale to their article, they saw a three hundred% boom in time-on-web page.


Creating longer video posts on Instagram is a particular Yes. But if you don’t have a studio, audio gadget, and an intense sportswoman to fly off a leap on a bike, consider Instagram Stories, Reels, or an informal-fashion, candid video. Take your cellphone and turn the selfie video feature on. Show an unboxing of your new product, an interview with your CEO, or a weekly discussion with your product and advertising groups about what they’re working on and why.


Inspirational Content

People like to be stimulated via social media. But more than human beings like seeing an inspirational put up, human beings like sharing an emotional post. Instagram (and social media users in standard) need to be the folks that inspire others. So make it easy for them by figuring out inspirational fees relevant to them and making it clean to share, even to the extent of prompting them to do it in the put-up caption.


Tutorials make great Instagram content because they’re a first-rate manner to engage with your target audience and help establish you as an expert in your discipline. If you’re no longer sure what type of tutorial your Instagram fans might experience, recall asking your fans for ideas. A precise idea for education is something that you could train your target market with speedy and without difficulty.

If your Instagram content is centered around beautification, for example, posting a hair tutorial that shows your target audience the way to obtain a particular hairstyle is an easy concept if you’ve run out of different matters to submit as @hair2pearl have completed beneath.

If you want to provide your audience with a few insights into the character backstage of your logo, an amusing manner is to take all the gadgets in your handbag, arrange them smartly, and shoot them from above.

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Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, this newsletter has given you some thoughts about what to post on Instagram. Post the right issue, and you can expect more significant likes, followers, and extra engagement. If you have questions about what to publish on Instagram, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comment segment beneath! https://seosmocompany.com/

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