Top Benefits of Magento 2 Migration Service

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With the increase in the use of online shopping, having an eCommerce platform for your business is a necessity these days. In order to provide the best customer shopping experience to your eCommerce store visitors, you need to make sure that you are taking care of everything that your target customers may worry about. You need to choose a platform that you know fulfils all the criteria that you want to help your customers with. 

Your eStore must be easy to use and it should provide a smooth shopping experience to your customers. but, at the end, everything comes back to choosing the right platform. How do you know which platform you should opt for? Which is the platform that will help in improving your eCommerce traffic and overall revenue? For many business owners, Magento is the preferred choice. The platform offers incredible features and functionalities that are perfect to provide an amazing overall shopping experience to its users. In addition to its already available features, Magento also gives its users an access to install particular extensions to add extra functionalities to their Magento store. 

Now, there are many merchants that may want to start their eCommerce store and they choose Magento 2 platform. But, there are others who still run their store on the Magento 1 platform that has ended its support in June 2020. Though, you may not see any problem while running your eStore on Magento 1 platform but, there are many issues. Issues like security risks, update issues, and more. That is when a Magento migration service can help you. 

A Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is nothing but a migration service that involves everything right from transferring designs, extensions, eStore data and its functionalities from Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 platform. Though there are many benefits of Migrating to Magento 2 platform, a few of these benefits are mentioned below:

Better Performance

For any online store owner, website performance is the key to boost conversions. The faster your website, the better results you get from your customers. With slow loading websites it is observed that there is an increase in cart abandonment. In case of Magento 2, it can handle more than at least 40% more orders each hour and up to 70% quicker add-to-cart times when compared to Magento 1. Therefore, Magento 2 migration service is crucial when it comes to managing your website performance. 

Advanced Admin Interface

Magento 2 platform offers a highly responsive and user-friendly admin interface that gives store owners an opportunity to manage and handle the store easily. This better admin interface allows the store owners to reduce the time of managing the store. The personalized admin panel can help in increasing the productivity while managing the product data and orders. 

Improved Checkout Process

For any online business, the checkout process is one of the most important part as it helps in determining the revenue of the business. Therefore, Magento store owners need to ensure that the checkout process is quick and smooth so there is reduced cart abandonment rate and better user experience. With Magento 2, the checkout process has become easier and it helps in reducing the conversion rate and it can help in keeping the conversion rate high. 

Enhanced Security 

Many customers face the risk of shopping online because of many security reasons. Therefore, as an eCommerce store admin, you need to make sure that you are doing everything to keep your Magento store as secure as possible. When your customers know that you are taking every step in keeping their data safe, it will be easier for them to trust you and it can help in improving customer retention. 

Offers High Mobile Responsiveness

As there is an increased use of mobile phones these days, it has been crucial for business owners to have an eCommerce website that offers extensive mobile responsiveness. With more than 70% online shopping being done through mobile phones, you need to make sure that your eCommerce website supports every aspect of mobile friendliness. Your eCommerce website needs to be adaptable, it should look good on every device, it should have easy navigation and more. Magento 2 can help you as a store owner to create websites that are supported by any mobile devices and different screen resolutions. These websites are not just user-friendly but are very attractive irrespective of any device it is being opened on. 

Automated Marketing Campaigns

In order to run a successful business, you need to make sure that you have amazing results with your customers. You need to make sure that you are there whenever your customers need you. You need to stay in touch with your customers through Email, social media, websites and more. On the other hand, you can create automated marketing campaigns that include SMS, Push Email and other channels. Magento 2 ensures all your strategies and plans work in accordance to your desired outcome and the customers can easily reach out to your website. 

These are a few benefits of why you need to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. You get better performance when you choose to run your store on Magento 2. Also, the stores running on Magento 1 platform can face the risk of many security loopholes that can only be fixed when they choose to migrate their store to Magento 2. Apart from all this, Magento 2 platform constantly receives updates that can help in making the store performance even better. You can choose to get your store Migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 by hiring services of professionals from a Magento migration agency. By hiring a Magento migration agency, you make sure that you reduce the risk of data loss or any data breach and offer a better customer shopping experience in your eCommerce store. 

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