Tools Suggested for Analyzing Data in a Research Proposal for PhD

Research Proposal for PhD

When submitting a research proposal, doctoral candidates should demonstrate that they are capable of analysing quantitative or qualitative studies by utilising software that can analyse the required data.

The majority of academic programs in cultural studies, commerce, cognitive science, and other fields include data analysis. Along with this, they also extensively use various data analytics tools. This article examines some of the top academic and student data analytics programs. These tools can surely help students create a research proposal for a PhD.

Tools for Quantitative Data Processing

You can look into the information recorded in numbers with the use of quantitative analytical techniques.

Expert researchers of The Academic Papers UK have listed some of the most well-liked tools for data analysis. A brief description of those tools is as follows:


With capabilities including transformation and emulation, statistical analysis, predicting and econometrics, faster data extraction, a model administrator, and a score booster, SAS is a data-analysing program. It is the data mining tool that assists you in building very precise and reliable forecasting models. The basis of those models is the vast amounts of data, which is one of the software’s most intriguing features.

Possibly, it is one of the best applications for data analysis for mixed methods used in a research proposal for a PhD. Students, teachers, and researchers can use SAS to make predictions. They can also use it to ask important questions about events and situations that could change the world.

IBM SPSS Statistics

To perform statistical studies, SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) uses point-and-click technology. It also uses syntax that enables the user to enter code. Numerous statistical operations and analyses are available in this tool.

R Analytics

R Analytics has been gaining popularity for being a free and open-source program. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Although it has many of the same capabilities as SPSS, it does not include a point-and-click menu. To use R to run different types of statistical tests, the user must know how to write code.

R can be downloaded on a computer but can also be used in a cloud-based version.


When it comes to conducting statistical studies, Excel is more beneficial and user-friendly. For some of the more complex procedures, check out XLSTAT. On PCs and Macs, XLSTAT is an add-on for Excel. It may be included in it and has a point-and-click user interface. It also offers machine learning, predictive analytics, and risk analysis. By using XLSTAT, it becomes simple to export tables and graphics into Word and other Microsoft Office applications.


Another well-known quantitative data analytics tool is Stata. Stata includes some distinctive features. For example, it includes community-contributed features and interfaces with the Python and Java languages. With other analytics tools, it might be more challenging to do some of the Bayesian studies that it offers. High-quality visuals and tables can be found in Stata.

Tools for Qualitative Data Analysis

Researchers, for research proposals for PhD., can analyse data from focus groups, interviews, or other written content. It could be book pages and magazines too. Such type of data is called qualitative data. Listed below are some of the widely known qualitative data analysis tools:


Software called NVivo facilitates both qualitative and mixed-methods research. It is intended to assist in gathering, analysing, and drawing conclusions from unstructured or qualitative data. This includes data obtained from interview sessions, open-ended survey results, publications, social media posts, and site content.


It is the most user-friendly and effective QDA software. ATLAS.ti enables users to acquire deep insights into the data. The ATLAS.ti 8 Window, which has undergone a thorough redesign in almost all areas, is ready to raise the bar for computer-assisted qualitative data analysis.


Quirkos is a piece of high-quality software. It aids in managing, organising, and comprehending text data.

As you code your data, Quirkos displays the connections between your themes. By showing connections between subjects in overlap and cluster views, you may be able to see right away how your qualitative data is making connections.


Thousands of individuals worldwide use MAXQD. It is a specialised program for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods data analysis. It is available on Windows and Mac.

With its built-in transcription capabilities and multimedia functionality, MAXQDA can instantly analyse any type of media file. It is possible to combine standardised quantitative data with qualitative information.


It is one of the few products on the market. Dedoose enables users to stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge encryption techniques.

Dedoose data is completely secured both when it is in transit between the servers and your workstation and at rest. Also, you can always export your data to internal memory. However, it also backs up your information every night to give you even more peace of mind.


Another cutting-edge product on the market is Qiqqa. Users can rapidly assess, summarise, and make handbooks for their content by using this application.

When reading PDFs in Qiqqa while being online at your desk or offline on the road, you may record all of your tags. Along with this, it can also record feedback, highlights, and notes. Use strong attribute reports so that you can never forget those important parts of the text when you want to read them again.


A stunningly effective tool for qualitative analysis is HyperRESEARCH. The tool is user-friendly, strong, cross-platform, and adaptable. The user-friendly interface and clear documentation make it simple and quick for users. Without having to make use of any of the more advanced features, you can quickly learn how to write and retrieve data. It may be used on any computer at any place.


Transana provides the most cutting-edge tools for qualitative text, image, audio, and video data analysis. Utilise the qualitative approach and the facts that users want in the way they desire. Users can examine analytic linkages in their data and save their insights in a variety of different ways. Transana gives extremely adaptable and customised graphical and text-based reports.


F4analyse is relatively simple to understand for qualitative data analysis. In addition to supporting data analysis within the scope of a theoretical framework, it also does qualitative text analysis and various other interpretations. The program allows users to import all of their texts and begin reading and analysing them. Users can locate engaging passages and neatly arrange their research results. They can also produce a summary of their research results with the aid of F4analyse. For words or phrases, make notes in memos, or annotate codes and texts.


With the aid of the software Annotations, consumers may easily and rapidly write notes. Those notes can be of any length. With this tool, you can apply customised buzzwords and differentiate content with different colours. It also lets users choose a section of text and get access to all annotation options right away.

Research Proposal for Phd


Conclusively, I have listed a good number of data analysis tools above. These tools can assist student researchers with effective data analysis. It does not matter whether the data of your research proposal for PhD is qualitative or quantitative. I have mentioned tools used for both kinds of data. So, read above and apply one of the tools to analyse the data. You might also like to read about the challenges of writing a PhD dissertation.

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