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The Evolvement of Modern Kitchen Evolved: A Timeline From 1920 To 2020


One of the largest markets in architectural industry would that be of remodelling kitchens and they are indeed most designers’ favourite. Glass display cabinets are a part of the journey too. Let us trace the journey of a modern kitchen and how it derived the modern look in this infographic.

Come, let us find out how the cupboards which were just used to store utensils back in the early 20th century got the current 21st century look with the chic and classy glass display cases.

The Evolution of Kitchen Cabinets Through the Ages, In Style and Colour

Back, in the 1920s,a freestanding, metal kitchen cabinet, prevalently in white colour, was used. In the next decade, the kitchen cabinets were made from metal and wood. These had smooth-finished continuous countertops. Even after 20 years, these remained popular.

It was in the 1940s that the modern kitchen started taking its shape. The elements that were found generally were coordinated, finished, unit cabinets, continuous and textured countertops.

The post-war decade of 1950s, saw the U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens, decorated in bright colours and checker floors, with rounded corners, adding to the glam quotient of the kitchens.

In the next decade, more dramatic colours made their entries into the kitchen. This decade saw kitchens with detailed wallpapers, countertops with bright tiles and gold accents. Earthy tones gained the maximum popularity, along with brass cabinets, wood, vinyl and many other mixed materials in the 1970s.

Modern kitchen took its first baby steps with geometric patterns and curved edged cabinets in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, simple colours, oat cabinetry, and maple-glazed cabinets made their move into the kitchen.

The busy, modern families of the 2000s considered the woody kitchens as their favourite. And this became the central design point.

The next two decades (2010-2020), saw the prevalence of white colour in the kitchen. Just the styles of the kitchen cabinets varied.

While cabinet colours varied slightly over the decades, what remained intact and still is, the love and fondness towards retail displays and glass display cabinets that make the kitchen space look classy.

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