Keep Cholesterol Low & Stay High on Good Health

Cholesterol Low & Stay High on Good Health

Cholesterol is intimately linked with a lot of health issues.

Be it obesity, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure problems, sexual disorders, or more of such terms that can give you nightmares. When such major health issues are internally linked with increased cholesterol, are we being careless? Amid a hustling lifestyle, a major question remains for us – ‘how to maintain cholesterol levels?’

Just like we’re consulting a medical practitioner for Vidalista 20, how often do we visit the doctor for measuring cholesterol? Any age needs to keep a track of cholesterol with frequent health checks.

Let’s have a look at some healthy eating tips that could be a good start for maintaining cholesterol levels. Before checking them out, we’ll have a brief on high cholesterol.

What is high cholesterol & why its presence is risky?

Cholesterol is a fat needed by our bodies for the formation of cell membranes, some hormones, and bile acids. High cholesterol is a medical condition when an individual’s blood contains more cholesterol than the ideal levels. It is also known as hypercholesterolemia.

It’s your body and diet that create such imbalance. Most of your body’s cholesterol is present in your blood i.e. 75% approximately. The other 25% cholesterol is derived from the animal products you consume. When you have too much cholesterol-rich diet, your body will likely produce more cholesterol. It is further breakdown into good and bad cholesterol known as HDL-High Density Lipoprotein and LDL-Low Density Lipoprotein.

The high cholesterol happens because of the blood containing too much LDL. It builds up in the form of plaque on the walls of the arteries. Thus, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases. The individual may suffer from atherosclerosis, blood clot, stroke, heart attack, or coronary heart disease.

Someone having high cholesterol may not even know it because there are no signs. For instance, when you’re using medications like Fildena 100  you experience chest pain, you may be asked for medical tests that reveal your issue. However, many people suffering from this health issue don’t realize it at all.

Tackling Cholesterol with Healthy Eating Habits

As discussed above, cholesterol and diet are connected. We should take this as a sign that making necessary dietary changes can help in reducing cholesterol levels. Practicing healthy eating habits will have positive impacts on the body as you’ll be getting essential nutrients from the diet itself.

Here is what recommended by The Heart Foundation:

  1. A lot of leafy greens, fruits, and whole grains.
  2. Unflavored milk, cheese, and yogurt. High cholesterol patients should prefer low-fat versions of these three.
  3. Go for healthy fats like nuts, olives, avocados, seeds, etc.
  4. Always choose healthy protein sources like legumes, fish, a small number of eggs, lean meat, etc.
  5. Keep salt consumption low and add flavor to your meals with herbs and spices.

Besides this, you should keep an eye on the ingredients of the packaged food items you buy. Look out for low transfat content. And whenever possible, don’t munch on unnecessarily. Unhealthy eating habits lead to obesity and it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in turn.

The golden rule is to watch your plate. Go for ¼ protein, ¼ carbohydrates, and ½ veggies. It’s the best thing a cholesterol patient can do for healthy diet habits.

7 Healthy Eating Tips that help in Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Here are some amazing healthy eating tips that will change your life for good, just like Cenforce 100. Manage your cholesterol by following them:

  1. Pick unsalted versions

Unsalted nuts, fresh fruits, and plain snacks make for an amazing alternative to their salted versions. Include at least two servings of fresh fruit every day.

  • Prefer whole grains

Whole grains are good for your heart. You can have them as wholegrain bread, pasta, noodles, rice, and cereals.

  • Use healthy cooking oils only

A variety of healthy cooking oils like sunflower, canola, olive, soybean, peanut, sesame, etc are available. Extra virgin olive oil is much recommended for cholesterol patients. Having your food cooked in these oils will make for a great meal.

  • Eggs, please!

An egg a day helps in keeping cholesterol at bay. Make sure you include eggs in your diet 7 days a week.

  • Limit your meat consumption

If you’re used to having unprocessed meat, you should only have about 350g per week. You may choose to have lean poultry instead.

  • Find healthy fat sources

Low-fat versions of yogurt, milk, non-dairy food with calcium, low-sugar milk, etc are just a few instances of healthy fats you should be having. It’s not only good for keeping cholesterol low, but also maintains good heart health.

  • Have fish

Oily fish makes for a great meal & one should have it at least 2 to 3 times every week. You may choose to have canned, frozen, or fresh fish as per your likings.

The Takeaway

You can see how little things make a big difference in our lives. If you’re a cholesterol patient, implementing these tips will help to create positive health effects. Try them after consulting your doctor.

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