How to use Bubble Wrap Packing Effectively for Maximum Protection?

bubble-wrap rolls

The rising and booming e-commerce sector has led to the ever-increasing demand for bubble wrap packaging in the last few years. Sustainable expansion of retail businesses and industries are expected to pave excellent opportunities for vendors in the global bubble wrap packaging products market. These vendors mainly compete in aspects of factors such as the distribution network, innovation, market approachability, and product pricing. In addition, international players in the market are eyeing on the mergers and acquisitions of regional players, in an effort to enhance their product portfolio and increase their market share.

Bubble wraps are prone to catch fire more easily than other packaging materials used for flexible protective packaging. This is mainly because of the plastic and air mixture composition that bubble wrap is composed of. This factor might restrict the adoption of bubble wraps as efficient packaging solutions in every industry. In addition, several environment-friendly & cost-effective, economic alternatives to bubble wrap packing are gaining importance in the market, such as recycled paper and biodegradable foam packaging, which in turn is expected to restrict the market expansion of bubble wrap packing.

bubble wrap rolls

While most of us are familiar with bubble wrap packing and its versatile uses and benefits. It is crucial to understand how to put it to use properly so you can get the maximum protection for fragile items during shipping and transportation. Many a time business owners and shipping companies face a lot of heat from their customers due to incorrect packing, which ultimately leads to damaged or defective product delivery. Do not worry and keep on reading to understand how to use large bubble wrap packaging for optimum utilization.

Which Side should the Bubble be facing?

The bubbles should be facing the item or object to form a layer of cushioning and provide exceptional protection. This especially stands true for delicate and fragile items during the transportation process. Not only will the bubbles help keep your objects & items secure but this method also helps the bubbles to maintain their structural integrity. The thin layer that the bubbles are attached to works as a masking layer to protect the bubbles from bumps and box edges so that during the transit all of the air in the bubbles stay intact. This creates a cushioning layer so that no matter what you packed in bubble wrap rolls always stays safe and protected

How to Use Bubble Wrap Correctly?

Do you know the correct way to use bubble wrap for your packaging needs? Let us help you with the basics of using bubble wrap packing for maximum security and protection for your precious cargo.

Wrap Item on Flat Clean Surface Notes

Wrap your item on a clean flat surface. Remember that bubbles should touch the surface of the item

Find a flat clean surface to pack the objects and items for shipping. Make sure that you have plenty of space for the items you wish to pack and ship. Get all your extra materials like tape, scissors, and then start the packing process. This ensures that your packing will be done in one go and avoid moving constantly for additional materials.

Lay down the Bubble Wrap and make sure that Bubbles face upwards

Make sure that you lay down the protective bubble wrap packing material to make the bubbles face upwards. In this way, the pockets of air-filled bubbles will be able to do their job perfectly and protect your objects and items during shipping. If the bubbles are facing out, they’re more likely to be popped out during the transportation and shipping. This completely defeats the purpose of using protective bubble wrap packaging material in the first place.

Double or Triple Wrap the Bubble layer

Be generous when using bubble wrap packaging for your products and items. Customers and clients get really upset when they have to wait for days or weeks for the packages to arrive, only to realize the contents inside are damaged and broken. Not only will you have more customers be disappointed but the brand value also takes a beating. Hence, it is always advisable to wrap the shipping products and objects with an extra layer of bubble wrapping. This ensures superior protection for the cargo and helps deliver it to the end user in perfect condition.

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