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How To Accessorise Your Outfit With A Perfect Watch


Someone has rightly said, “The way we spend our time defines who we are.”

Do you value time? If your reply to this question is – ‘yes, you do’ – then for sure watches must be your favourite accessories. A timepiece not just completes your look, helps you make a style statement but also keeps you stay punctual.

A wristwatch is the most popular fashion accessory for men. It keeps you stylish and is functional too. It is the easiest way to know or tell the time. From simple timepieces that show only time to the ones that feature complicated functions, the watch industry is producing zillions of options to match your outfits, occasions and personality.

If you are a watch lover, then your watch collection will be having a few of the most popular types of timepieces, including chronograph, dress watch, field watch, aviator watch or dive watch. All these types of timepieces have different features that make them unique.

There are so many different occasions for which you dress up differently. Special occasions call for formal suits while on casual occasions you can wear casual outfits. Then there are semi formal outfits too. As per the occasion, your accessories too should match with the type of the outfit you want to team them with. You can’t wear a sporty watch to a board meeting. And likewise, you can’t sport an elegant and classy branded watches for men and Women to a casual event.

Stay tuned to know what are the features of the most popular wristwatches among timepiece connoisseurs. We will also let you know what type of outfits, you can wear them with.

A chronograph can be teamed with casuals, business casuals and sportswear. It has advanced features like GPS, pulse monitor, stopwatch, compass and more. These high tech timepieces are robust.

An aviator watch is also called pilot watch and can be teamed with casuals and business casuals. As the name suggests, it is crafted for pilots and is known for precision. It features many aviation functions and can be used even in dim light conditions.

We have presented an infographic below that outlines how to accessorise your outfit with a perfect type of watch and what are the features of popular types of timepieces.

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