Homemade Sunscreens for Skin Health and Beauty

homemade suncream

Summer, sun and heat – what else is needed for a good mood? Perhaps, healthy and beautiful skin will be wonderful addition homemade sunscreens, because with the onset of warm days, you can plunge into the sun. But you should never forget about the harmful effects of sunlight. It is always important to have a sunscreen on hand, which will not only help to avoid unwanted discoloration of the skin, but also protect the epidermis from dehydration. Such care is especially important for children.

Store-bought products, be it cream or milk, do not always fit well into everyday life. Expensive, not very natural, poorly absorbed. In this case, you can turn to home methods for preparing wonderful, safe and pleasant creams that limit the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin.

How to use sun protection correctly?

It is known that any coin has two sides. The sun is no exception. It has a certain positive effect by killing bacteria. But also destructive – it causes the first signs of wilting. To keep your skin care as beneficial as possible, it is important to know some simple rules for using homemade sunscreens.

  • Sunscreen should be applied 20-30 minutes before going outside. During this time, it is completely absorbed and will strengthen the protective functions of the epidermis, blocking the exit of moisture from the cells.
  • Each prepared composition must be checked at the bend of the elbow or wrist to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Facial skin, especially in children, also needs protection, but not every cream can be used for this purpose. Do not apply the product to the sensitive area around the eyes, as it may injure it. Even if you have found a suitable cream, make sure that your face is covered with the brim of the headdress. This advice is especially relevant for children.
  • Apply sunscreen after every bath and every 2-3 hours to keep your skin protected. For children, you can choose a more frequent schedule.
  • Do not tan for more than an hour. Baby tanning takes even less time. Cosmetologists are still debating how to properly sunbathe. But they have already decided on the duration and optimal hours: before 11 am and after 18 pm.
  • To simply bask in the sun, it is enough to substitute the stomach, back and sides for 5-10 minutes. If you change position less often, you risk getting burned. There is a high risk of skin damage if you use the sunscreen incorrectly for homemade sunscreens. Try not to expose your face to the rays, it will get its dose of tan anyway.

Before sunbathing or going outdoors, do not perform face and body treatments that could jeopardize your skin. Steaming, exfoliation, even simple scrubbing can go badly if you don’t take care of UV protection. In the event that you have very pale skin, use a baby active cream. Its sun protection is much stronger.

The best natural sunscreen recipes

A cream that protects against sun exposure must necessarily contain chemical or mineral reflective elements of natural skin care products. With the help of oils alone, it is impossible to fully isolate the skin from ultraviolet radiation. This is especially true for the facial skin of children. You’ve probably seen how quickly babies’ noses and cheeks burn.

A sunscreen can be formulated with any non-greasy, fast-absorbing finished product, such as a light baby cream. The active element in sun protection will be a mineral – zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These are natural substances that are natural reflective filters. Many commercial tanning prevention products use harmful ingredients for homemade sunscreens. While natural cosmetics are famous for their safety for the skin. This is especially important for the protection of children.


  1. For 100 ml of the finished cream, you will need 10 g of titanium dioxide or 2 times more zinc oxide. In doing so, you will receive a product with a high level of protection SPF 20, which will ensure safe exposure to sunlight for almost 3 hours. Owners of dark skin can use 2 times less minerals than women with aristocratic pallor. If you do decide to sunbathe, remember to apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream after the procedure. Due to the popularity of home cosmetics, it is not difficult to acquire minerals for face and body.
  2. If the sun is not hot yet, or you want to get a light tan, prepare milk with SPF 6. Add a little E 415 stabilizer to warm, almost hot water, bring the mixture to a liquid jelly. In a water bath, melt 3 ml of emulsifier along with 10 ml of jojoba and avocado oils. Slowly pour in the water-xanth component and beat with a mixer. Add 10 ml glycerin and 20 drops each of lavender and immortelle ether. The light cream is ready. You can get the ingredients from specialized perfume and soap stores.

An all-natural anti-tan cream suitable for the face can made with delicate ingredients. You will need 30 ml of sesame oil, preferably unrefined, 10 ml of avocado, jojoba, almond, shea and cocoa oil, 5 g of beeswax, the same amount of liquid soy lecithin. 20 g of aloe vera gel and lavender hydrolate, a small amount of borax, 5 ml of coconut oil and 20 drops of carrot seed pomace. Melt the beeswax and add all the other ingredients to it, stirring thoroughly until smooth. Apply the product half an hour before sun exposure. The amount of ingredients indicated in the recipe is enough to make a face product. To make a body composition, increase the volume of the ingredients. This tool is also suitable for children.

Oils can increase Tanning

It should noted that some oils only increase tanning. If you want to keep your skin light, do not use oily ingredients derived from oily foods: seeds, nuts, avocados. It is these components that are included in tanning creams.

If you are intimidated by the need to use mineral products with such complex chemical names, don’t worry. These substances used in the preparation of sunscreens as the only way to reflect the rays. Their action on the skin is harmless. They will protect the epidermis from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. Mineral cream can used to protect the delicate skin of children.

By preparing a tanning agent for your face and body, you will take care of your skin and the health of your children. You will protect the cells of the epidermis from destruction, thereby preventing premature skin aging . Of course, sunbathing is very beneficial for health, but even good should be in moderation. In conclusion, we suggest you watch a video from which you will learn another simple recipe for homemade sunscreen cream.

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