Everything You Need To Know about Erectile Dysfunction

Everything You Need To Know about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a serious difficulty in which a man often faces trouble obtaining and maintaining erections. Your penis may not acquire erect at all or gets erect just once in a while. Or maybe able to achieve an erection, but it doesn’t last long sufficient for satisfying sex.

  • Erectile Dysfunction is more widespread in men above the age of 40 years.
  • Most men practice erection problems once in a while. The doctors don’t consider it erectile dysfunction unless it becomes reliable.
  • ED may be caused by psychological troubles, injuries, blood vessel diseases, problems with the anxious system, surgery, or certain medications.
  • Most cases of Erectile Dysfunction are treatable.

Occasionally, erection problems can arise as a sign of other serious health concerns, therefore, it’s significant for you to discuss with a doctor.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The majority common causes of impotence (ED) are troubles with nerves in your penis or harm with blood flow to your penis. Other common causes of ED include:

  • Diabetes
  • Side effects on or after prostate surgery
  • Hardening of an artery in your body (atherosclerosis)
  • Taking certain medications, including those use to treat gloominess and high blood pressure

You may also expand erectile dysfunction due to:

  • Stress, depression, presentation anxiety, or being over-exhausted
  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Drugs like cocaine or alcohol
  • Diseases that can affect your anxiety including spinal cord injury, many sclerosis, and stroke

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

In most cases, healthcare specialists are capable to diagnose ED just by reviewing the symptom and medical history of the patient. While in some suitcases, the doctor may also take your physical assessment or order blood tests to confirm the analysis.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

Firstly, doctors will treat any health circumstances that might be causing your ED or consider changing any medication that you’re taking, which may be responsible.

Your doctor may also counsel you to:

  • Switch to a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Exercise more
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink less alcohol

However, oral medication is the first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction. These medications include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)

Sildenafil 100mg (Fildena) is known to be the safest and highly effective FDA-approved drug for ED. It can produce predictable results in a wide range of ED patients and hence became the doctor’s option for treating Erectile Dysfunction.

How Sildenafil 100mg Works To Cure ED?

Sildenafil 100mg is a brand of PDE-5 inhibitor. It works by growing the blood flowing to the penis. When the penises obtain sufficient blood flow, you achieve an erection after sufficient sexual stimulation. Remember, sexual inspiration is required for the drug to work.

Also, sildenafil 100mg wants to be taken appropriately to minimize the risk of side effects and fetch the best results. If you are hesitant about the appropriate way to take sildenafil 100mg, gently ask your doctor. In general, you need to take one pill of sildenafil 100mg half an hour before connecting in sexual activity. You will be able to understand the effects of Cenforce (sildenafil) within 30 minutes of management. However, you may need to wait for almost an hour to reach its maximum effect. The belongings of sildenafil 100mg usually persist for approximately 6 hours.

You can take sildenafil 100mg on an unfilled or full stomach based on your convenience. But create sure you don’t have a heavy or greasy meal if you are planning to take sildenafil 100mg. Also, do not consume alcohol in excessive amounts while captivating the medication to avoid any unwanted effects.

Now, if your doctor tells you that sildenafil 100mg is unsuitable or ineffective for you, don’t get discouraged as you can try tadalafil (Vidalista 60) or avanafil to cure your symptoms. If none of the ED pills works well for you, your doctor might recommend other action options, including vacuum pumps, testosterone replacement therapy. Note that testosterone substitute therapy is only optional for those men who have lower levels of testosterone, and surgery is careful to be the last treatment alternative.

Can you stop Erectile Dysfunction?

You can consider the following events to prevent most causes of erectile dysfunction:

Follow a healthy diet: Have a healthy diet that incorporates fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole granule foods. Kindly avoid foods that are high in fat, chiefly saturated fats, and sodium. Following a good diet plan can help aim for healthy body weight and stay your diabetes and blood pressure under control. Diabetes and diabetes are significant risk factors for ED and so minimize their risk can be beneficial.

Quit smoking: If you smoke, get sufficient help to quit. Smoking can cause blood vessels or heart illness, which can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Smoking is known to raise the risk of developing ED, and hence should be avoided.

Be physically active: Exercising boosts blood flow throughout your body, including the penis. Make sure you get in touch with a doctor if you are planning to start any high-intensity workouts. Beginners are advised to start from an easy physical activity such as on foot at a slow pace or gardening. You can gradually switch to harder activities such as swimming or on foot briskly. You should aim for 30 minutes of physical movement all or most days of the week.

Manage a healthy body weight: Maintaining a healthy heaviness can help delay the onset of diabetes and control your blood pressure levels. Consult your doctor regarding the best way to prevent diabetes or manage the illness, in case you already have it. Get recurrent checkups to ensure your blood heaviness levels are normal. If you are plump, ask your doctor about how you can reduce weight safely. Losing weight can help add to testosterone levels, reduce inflammation, and boost self-confidence, all of which can help stop erectile dysfunction. If you have a healthy weight, try to maintain that body weight by having a healthy diet and regular physical movement.

Avoid using illegal drugs: The use of illegal drugs may affect your ability to get and maintain erections. For example, some drugs may prevent you from getting stimulated or emotion other sensations. Talk to a medical specialist if you think you require help with drug cruelty.

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