Car vacuum cleaners are handy and efficient car gadgets

Car vacuum cleaners

Cleaning the interior of a car can be quite tricky sometimes, getting into the corners in between seats and armrests. Luckily, a portable car vacuum cleaner can be used to effectively remove dust, dirt, sand and grime from hard-to-reach places. The powerful suction force is able to draw in microscopic particles, pollen and pet hair so that you a left with a clean, fresh interior free from insects and dirt. Car vacuum cleaners are either battery-charged or can be connected to the 12-volt socket on your dashboard. They contain a dust filter which has to be cleaned periodically as accumulated dust can block the vacuum. It is a handy car gadget to have with you as it picks and exposes details that often go missing with a regular car washer and brush.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a car vacuum cleaner to keep your cabin uncluttered and in immaculate condition.

Benefits of a car vacuum cleaner

Car seats, upholstery and carpets may look clean but moisture-laden, dusty environments can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. A car vacuum cleaner can be put to use in such a situation to maintain a sterile environment in your cabin. These car gadgets are available at car accessories online marketplaces in a wide range of options.

Here are some reasons why you must have a car vacuum cleaner in your vehicle.

Affordable and widely available

High-quality vacuum cleaners can be purchased for around Rs.3000 depending on the brand and power rating. They are widely available on the car accessories online market. Popular manufacturers of portable car vacuum cleaners are Bosch, Bergmann, Michelin and myTVS. Some vacuum cleaners double up as tyre inflators and come equipped with torches to help you work on your car at night. Vacuum cleaners have attached accessories like different size hoses and cleaning brushes which are convenient to clean in tight spots. There are more expensive vacuum cleaners on the market, but these reasonably priced ones do the job quite well and manage to keep the cabin spotless.

Lightweight and compact

Most portable car vacuum cleaners weigh only 2 or 3 kilos and can be used as handheld devices. Modern electronics and hardware are made from lightweight materials like aluminium and plastic that are hard-wearing and durable while being lightweight and compact enough to use in car interiors. The car vacuum cleaner can easily be stowed away in the trunk or underneath the seat when not in use. Extendable power cords fold up neatly within the plastic housing and can be unrolled when you need to connect it to the power outlet.

An efficient handle is provided with the vacuum cleaner so that you get a good grip while cleaning up a mess. The electric motors work silently to draw in dust and dirt without causing loud noises and disturbing passengers.

Effective cleaning gadget

Conventional methods of cleaning a car interior include brushes to exfoliate dirt from seat upholstery and carpets. Then a quick-drying chemical has to be applied and wiped off to dissolve any microscopic dirt and remove stains in the material. Finally, a clean, dry microfibre cloth has to be used to finish off the cleaning process. Vacuum cleaner eliminates all this hard work. Simply switch it on, run it along any part that needs cleaning and the job is done in a matter of minutes. No messy cleaning chemicals or soapy solution that takes hours to dry off.

Mobile and easy to use

Some vacuum cleaners are operated by researchable batteries and do not need an electric power outlet when cleaning. You can use the vacuum cleaner to dust off carpets and hard-to-reach places like the boot or underneath seats. Cordless devices have the flexibility of being used outside the car and you can even bring them inside the home to clean sofas and shelves. The best part is you won’t get tangled up in a messy cord. It is easy to carry around, especially at camping sites or when you visit the beach to clean your gear. A quick recharge and it is ready to go again without any hassles.


You don’t need any special instructions to use a car vacuum cleaner. The process is pretty straightforward and this special car gadget is user-friendly. So that even children can use them under supervision. It is an appropriate car accessory for every car owner that struggles with keeping the interior clean and free from dust and dirt. 

Car vacuum cleaners have zero maintenance except for clearing out the dust filter every time you finish vacuuming. Over time you can find replacement vacuum filters without the need for repairs or further cleaning. Car vacuum cleaners are truly versatile devices that can make your life easier and your driving experience more pleasant.

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