5 Usual Dental Problems When You Should Visit the Dentist


We all know that ‘first impression is the last impression’. And smile is the very first thing we notice in a person. So, it is pivotal to ensure proper care of your mouth including dental health. To do so, you have to practice good oral care regimen and visit the dentists regularly for check up.

Some oral problems which are minor yet they can become severe causing severe affect in the body. This blog makes a list of 5 such dental problems which need immediate dental attention and treatment. Read on this blog to know how these can be prevented in the long run as well.

  1. Tooth ache

Whenever you experience any pain in your teeth, dental appointment is what you need on an immediate basis. It can cause varied feelings ranging from full-blown pain to itchy sensation. Every sort of tooth pain needs dental appointment. Any case of severe to moderate pain is the indication of emergency situation in which you should visit a dentist instantly.

Otherwise, any OTC (over-the-counter) medication will provide you relief to some extent with minor pain until your arrange the dental appointment as per your convenience.

  • Tender or bleeding gums

Sometimes gums get bruised due to hard bristles at the time of brushing which cause slight bleeding. It is normal! But if it happens at a daily basis then it is the early stage of gingivitis and gum disease which in turn can lead to periodontal disease.

It is a dental emergency and you should visit the dentist for treating your swollen, painful and bleeding gums immediately. Otherwise, you can take you time to visit so. Gingivitis is only reversible and that’s why proper addressing of the issue is essential to prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease.

If proper treatment is not given on time it will lead to advanced periodontal disease which will be key culprit for premature teeth loss. Certainly there is no specific age bar when this disease can happen.

You can stay far away from it by practising good oral care. Visit a clinic of dental hygiene in London for regular check up of your oral condition. The hygienist will suggest the product you need to use along with its method of application on the basis of current oral condition.

  • Teeth sensitivity

You can experience toothache sometimes which is actually tooth sensitivity that results immediately after the teeth get exposed to anything cold or hot! Cavities and wearing down of the enamel are the prime causes of this dental problem.

Although it is not considered as dental emergency yet it should be treated in its initial stages. Otherwise the problem will get severe along with time leading to excruciating painful teeth sensitivity.

  • Bad breath

Bad breath is not about aesthetic or vanity but a clear indication of untreated oral issue or tooth decay. The unpleasant and metallic breath odour indicates severe medical complexity including kidney issue. Hence, it must be evaluated by any healthcare provider or a dentist on an immediate basis. Several home remedies are there too by which you can get rid of it.

Of course, it is only applicable and effective in treating mild bad breath only. This oral condition is termed as halitosis that often accompanies with numerous other oral issues. Often it has been found that it becomes the usual symptoms of oral cancer, cavities and gum disease and so on.

Surprisingly some specific foods are there like liquor, sweets, onions and garlic that offer a strange odour in your mouth which emits by mingling with your breath. As these smells are so strong, they don’t want to go with brushing. Use mouthwash instead as the trick.

It is also better to gargle right after having your meal to eliminate the strange odour of food instantly. In case the smell persists, schedule an appointment with your dentist to get checked.     

  • Damaged, chipped and crooked teeth

Sometimes teeth get cracked, chipped and even broken down. In fact a minor chipping is also a point of major cosmetic concern. Therefore a major chipping or cracking is the potential dental damage which needs immediate dental check up. Many a times, small chipping can also cause huge affect on your dental health at the same time.

As per a good thumb rule you should always get in touch with your dentist whenever you notice any strange occurrences in your mouth. There is another point of aesthetic concern and that is teeth crowding. The issues associated to the alignment can end up with TMJ (temporomandibular jaw disorder) and surgery remains the only solution to retain the original look and position.

Although teeth straightening procedure is lengthy yet it prevents from misaligned bites and jaw disorders as well. Braces are go-to solution for fixing the alignment problem. Sometimes, extraction may be necessary as per the necessity of teeth shifting to its original position. Nowadays, as there have clear braces option you can turn down the option of conventional braces.    

These 5 problems are although minute yet can cause significant affect in the overall mouth health. Oral hygiene is a must to stay far away from these problems along other dental and oral problems in the long run.

Visit Dental Hygienist London for regular dental check up and obtain the proper tips and treatment to have a good oral health for the rest of your life. Schedule an appointment now!

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