Things To Keep in Mind Before Conducting Online Examination

Student assessment is very necessary these days in a high-tech schooling culture and modern examination system. Today, most universities follow online examinations through various software and tools. Every exam conducting agency implements examination security measures for providing a good environment for the students. The examination conduction authorities follow some procedures in making things better in conducting examinations securely and in a very smooth way. 

During the time of COVID-19, students and universities faced several challenges in continuing their education, but some universities conducted examinations and tests for student  assessments very smoothly.  

The conduct of smooth examinations provides reliability and transparency in student evaluation. A good assessment provides well-structured results and helps students in gearing-up things for their success. 

Here, you will know some best things that you should keep in mind in conducting a secure online examination. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Conducting Online Exams

Assessment Method

In online learning, universities can easily choose a variety of methods for judging or accessing their talents. It includes MCQs, online polls, online quizzes, open-ended questions and much more. Another important thing that universities and institutions should adopt is the methodologies they want to adopt in order to assess students’ talent or skills because online examination software is tailored based on the basis of assessment. 

User-oriented Online Exam Software 

In order to ensure the participation of every candidate, institutions should look for student-friendly applications. As more and more universities are participating in online examinations through various software, universities and institutions should focus on conducting fair examination practices using reliable and student or user-oriented applications. Today, there are many software applications that even help teachers and coordinators to work as a team with their co-workers. 

Checking The Ability Of The Software To Publish Detailed/Comprehensive Results 

Universities or examination boards should choose relevant software for the assessment of the candidates that can easily publish comprehensive results. It is impossible for the invigilators to check lakhs of online papers one by one. Thus, software plays very well. It can easily read thousands of online test sheets in an hour to two and publish elaborate results. 

Security Measures 

An exam-conducting agency in India always looks for the security aspect first to handle students and to conduct examinations in a very smooth and planned manner. If you are an examination organizer in the university, then you must want to provide a safe environment to the students free from exam malpractices and discrepancies. 

There are many software and tools available these days to provide a robust solution to universities in conducting examinations securely. You should implement necessary security protocols for the university examination to better exam practices. 

Management of Staff 

Every university which is going to hold examinations wants to manage staff first in tackling issues in examination services and to provide a perfect environment to the candidates. They need to manage employees and other staff to streamline activities and examination services like frisking, management of CCTV cameras, examination security solutions and much more. 

Not only in academics, but institutions related to business management services also manage their staff for the best output. 

Check the Online Software for Any Glitch 

Before the commencement of the examination, it becomes very necessary to check various activities related to online software for any type of technical or hardware issue. It becomes very necessary for the software that is intended to be used by students. Online examination software should run smoothly with enhanced security. 

 Examination organizers and universities also hire technicians to deal with technical and non-technical glitches but as a precautionary move, it is suggested to check all the applications and software for their compatibility, support features and reliability for the test because some exams are big while some are small according to the examination type.   

Arranging Resources At Examination Centre 

There are many resources needed at the examination center for the smooth conduct of the test. Universities need to arrange various things for the comfortability of the appearing students. every institution or university used to arrange various types of resources for the smooth conduct of the examination. It includes water for students, neat and clean examination halls etc. 

Universities and examination authorities and universities check every aspect of the examination for providing top-class services to the students. 


In this digital era, online examinations have become common for every university or institution. Every institution that is conducting examinations should follow some rules to provide better services to the students. Also, they need to check the software, arrange resources, manage staff and candidate-based software, method of assessment and much more. 

If you are an examination organizer, you should provide best-in-class examination security solutions to the university you are associated with. Prioritize students-oriented things first for their security and various activities in the examination hall. These are very necessary for the online examination.

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