Your Guide To Clinical Waste Treatment and Disposal

clinical waste disposal

There is a wide variety of treatment and disposal strategies available for medical waste. Some perform most well in big facilities, such as major hospitals or centralised institutions, while others are better suited for low- to middle-income nations, tiny facilities, and settings with limited resources.

This is because it renders the wastes incapable of decomposing.

Regulations in the UK on Clinical Waste Treatment Methods

The UK has recently introduced the Clinical Waste Regulations 2018 to regulate clinical waste management and treatment. The regulations are in place to help protect public health and the environment. To meet these new demands, healthcare facilities need waste disposal experts who can provide high-quality collection services at an affordable price point.

How Clinical Waste Disposal Works in the Healthcare Industry

Clinical waste is a term used to describe all types of biological and non-biological medical materials that have been generated during medical treatment or testing. Disposal of clinical waste can be found in many places including operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), so ambulatory care settings (including hospitals), nursing homes and clinics.

Why is it Important to Know Where Clinical Waste Goes?

The first step in managing clinical waste disposal is understanding what it is and where it goes. However, clinical waste is any material that you would use in a medical or dental office or hospital, but which you would not be able to use again for its original purpose.

The Most Commonly Used Treatment for Clinical Waste

The most commonly used treatment for clinical waste disposal is incineration. An incinerator is a machine that burns clinical waste, which emits heat and light, turning the toxic materials into ash.

How to Avoid the Problem of Unsafe Clinical Waste Handling?

This can lead to unsafe handling of clinical waste disposal and cause environmental pollution or even death. However, the best way to avoid this is by using the right equipment for the task at hand.

Safe Handling For All Types Of Waste Streams 

Infectious Waste

This stream of waste is the one that receives the most attention and for which there is the greatest variety of treatment solutions. So, infectious waste is disposed of in orange clinical waste bags.

Pharmaceutical waste

Hospitals need to work toward negotiating take-back arrangements with their pharmaceutical suppliers for unused and/or out-of-date medication. However, if this is not possible, there are a variety of methods available to either neutralise or contain pharmaceutical waste.

Anatomical Waste

Tissues from humans, blood, and the placenta are examples of waste that may be delicate and difficult to manage.  However, depending on the circumstances, one may choose from a variety of various courses of action.

Sharps Waste

Yellow lidded sharps bins are used to dispose of sharps waste. However, real concerns have been raised over the risk of HIV and hepatitis C being transferred by used syringe needles and other types of sharps waste.

Biodegradable Waste

Composting or bio-digesting these materials will result in the production of biogas, or a sustainable fuel, as well as compost.

How Healthcare Organisations Can Reduce Clinical Waste Disposal and Save Money

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of their operations. One way they can do this is by purchasing a clinical waste management service rather than disposing of their medical waste themselves.

Contact local waste experts in your area to avail of end-to-end clinical waste collection and disposal services that are on time every time. 

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