Why is Curtain Walling Maintenance Important?

Curtain walling repairs

A Curtain walling system is a method used as an added layer of protection to prevent the commercial building from outside elements and also enhance the appearance of the building. This is because the curtain walls are constructed using durable glass and aluminium, which helps in enhancing the appearance of the building and strengthen its outer cover. There are many other methods used for protecting and enhancing commercial buildings, but the most preferred method is curtain walling repairs.

Let Us Understand in Detail.

  • Glass curtain walling system provides added structural stability for tall structures reducing the overall sway of the building and protecting it from geological events. The curtain wall even out all the stress that occurs in the building. Due to curtain walling, buildings are more likely to withstand even high winds.
  • The primary purpose of the curtain walling system is to keep air and water out of the building and act as both buffer and insulator. Thus, with a curtain walling system, commercial buildings are easier to maintain as they act as a protective shield.
  • Curtain walling also helps in slowing down the spread of fire between the floors. It acts as a barrier and prevents transferring the fire across the surface of the taller building where a fire could otherwise spread quickly.
  • Curtain walls when gazed at properly help in improving the thermal efficiency of the building. This is because curtain walls help in stabilising the temperature within which, in turn helps in cutting down the operation costs. Gazing also helps in reducing the effect of UV radiation such as fading and discolouration of the building.

The curtain wall has numerous advantages along with giving the building a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance. This is the reason why most modern buildings have a curtain walling system.

A curtain wall is a thin aluminium framed wall that contains in-fills of a glass, metal panels, or thin stone. The frame is attached to the building structure, but it does not carry the load of the floor or roof of the building.

Why is Regular Maintenance Necessary?

Regular maintenance of anything ensures the best performance, safety and eye-catching appearance of any structure or building. A good curtain wall refurbishment or maintenance plan should include regular inspection of curtain walls, curtain wall spraying, proper cleaning and prompt repairs of minor wear or damage before the damage becomes bigger and more harmful. Regular maintenance will save you from bigger damage. Hence, repair and maintenance, if implemented quickly, becomes cost-effective.

Tips for Curtain Wall Refurbishment/Maintenance.

  • Make sure that curtain wall rollers are operating smoothly by blowing out sliding curtain wall tracks using compressed air.
  • Never use lubricators, as they attract dust and debris and will also interfere with freewheeling.
  • Replace the torn or missing curtain wall panels, and patch tears immediately to avoid further damage.

Neglecting regular curtain wall repair and maintenance may lead to aesthetic and functional degradation, which in turn will hurt the value of the building in the market.

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