What is the Cost of a Safety Deposit Box?

safe deposit box

These days everyone is concerned about the safety of their valuables as burglaries are on the rise. Keeping gold and diamond jewellery along with important documents at home can be very risky. So, it makes sense to rent out a safe deposit box in London in a bank or private vault.

Apart from banks, numerous private safe deposit centres provide this service at a nominal annual fee. This price varies from one service provider to another, safety deposit centre’s location and the box size that you want to take to keep your valuables.

Is it worthwhile to rent a safe deposit box?

To understand the worth of a safety deposit locker, you first need to answer a few questions. How much is the value of the items that you want to keep in this box? What if you lose these precious things due to theft or burglary? Is there any item that has a sentimental value associated with it?

If you don’t want to lose your gold and diamond jewellery, precious heirloom items, art pieces, gold or silver bullion coins and crucial documents then it’s better to rent a safety deposit box. The value of all these items is extremely high, especially sentimental value (which is priceless), as compared to the cost of renting a box, so you must go for it!

About Safe Deposit Centres

A safe deposit centre primarily has a highly secured vault with safe deposit boxes all around. Renters are accompanied by an official to the vault area. The box can only be opened by using two keys one after the other. One key will be held by the safe deposit centre and the other one by the renter. The officer will use a key and then the renter has to use his key to open the locker.

There are automated safe deposit boxes as well offered by some private vaults. They are also housed in a vault, and renters can only access them after the security verification process and biometric scanning.

How to find a safe deposit box?

“How to find safety lockers near me?” Is this question bothering you? You can Google search the safe deposit centres near you. Or you can ask your friends for recommendations. Neelkanth Safe Deposit centre is a trustworthy name when it comes to private vaults.

They offer safe deposit boxes in Croydon and Southall in London. They have 18 different locker sizes to choose from.

You can rent a safe deposit box in Southall or Croydon in London whichever location suits you.

Safe deposit box cost

The payment method for your safe deposit box is determined by your safe deposit centre. Mostly they provide annual or monthly payment plans that you can pay using your debit or credit card.

Safe deposit box cost at Neelkanth Safe Deposit starts at £75 per year. It goes up as the size of the box increases.

Safe deposit box sizes

You can check with your vault what all sizes of boxes they have. Neelkanth Safe Deposit provides you with a safety deposit box that is custom made to fit into your locker. They offer 18 different sizes (small, standard and double width) to select so that you can effortlessly keep all your valuables.

One can store jewellery, coin collections, stamps, passports, luxury watches, heirloom items, important documents and USB devices in the safety deposit lockers.

Renting a safe deposit locker has become very crucial these days as the crime rate is increasing and the security of our valuables is pivotal.

Hope it has been an interesting read. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section.

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