What Are The Benefits That The Dye Sublimation Method Offers

When we talk about the dye sublimation method, it needs the heat for the transfer of dye on paper, cards, floor mats, promotional posters, or any other same type of materials. Where it is commonly used is for apparel and sportswear, photos, and also ceramic tiles.

Why it is known by this name is due to the fact that the dye tends to went through the solid and gas state without passing the liquid state. Well, this is later proved that it is not true but the name was kept the same. 

What are the benefits of dye-sublimation?

Now when we think of getting fabric printing, there are numerous printing techniques that can be used to get the desired output. Out of the other methods, dye sublimation is the most popular printing method that offers lively and graphics that can be easily used.

If you are planning on fabric printing on polyester fabric, dye sublimation is ideal for the condition. The items that are being made with dye sublimation are tending to be more photos sensible and deliver vigorous colors.

It is being opted by many of the industries to get the best results. Digital printers make use of this technique to safeguard the physical appearance of their art when it gets transported from a computer.

What you can print with dye sublimation?

The ideal fabric for dye sublimation printing Edmonton is the white polyester fabric. If we talk about the other hard substrates, the items that have polyester coating go well. You may have also noticed that there are colored garments or appeals having sublimation embellishments.

Light colors can also be get printed but are not a preferred choice. This is because of the transparency of sublimation inks and the graphic will adopt the garment color. Light-colored can be used only if you are not that much concerned about the color. But the fabric should be polyester.

However, a blend can also be used in this process, which means a blend of polyester and cotton blend. But you need to be clear that the bonding of sublimation ink goes perfect with polyester.

The end result you will get is a nostalgic look but it gets used by decorators. As the bonding is mainly with the polyester fabric, the end result will also be superb with polyester mainly. 

Cotton fabric is not considered an option with the sublimation inks only because they don’t get attached to the cotton stuff. In the case of polished garments of digital prints, you may find a kind of white emptiness on the folded area.

These white spots are also known as smiles, as said by industry experts. It can be accepted in the fashion industry only if the client is familiar with the procedure and the probability of its visibility.

How the process work is by using the inkjet printers to print the transfers by utilizing the sublimation inks. The printer makes use of a piezo print head to throb the ink on release paper.

This paper does the job of carrying the ink and makes them release on the substrate where it transforms into gas during the heating procedure.

Benefits of dye sublimation printing 

1. A notable quality of the prints 

This dye sublimation method delivers spirited and images with high resolution. Since the ink doesn’t get applied to the particular dots which are done in other printing methods, the graphics used in the dye sublimation method have a bland variation of colors. It delivers excellent results in terms of bright and skillful colors.

2. Persistence 

Since there is a chemical bond with the material in this process, it doesn’t blemish off the surface. The end result will be enduring and reusable graphics.

3. Easy to use

The fabric being used in the process is light in weight and can be folded, thus it makes the transportation and storing process easy. You can wash them as many times. Also, they are easy to maintain and to be taken care of.

4. Flexibility 

Though it can be used in different fabrics, you can get a wide variety of styles and looks with the dye sublimation method. Use it for t shirt printing Kelowna, banners, flags, tents, hanging signs, and in many other fields.

Another major use of this process is SEG in which high-resolution dye-sublimation graphics gets printed on the tension fabric with the help of a thin silicon strip on the boundaries. 


Dye-sublimation printing is a trending printing method in the market that gets used in a wide range of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

There is also other apparel like towels, socks, hoodies, compression sleeves, and many other things to go with. You can also create a customized garment with the help of dye sublimation, even without having much knowledge of the process.

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