What are Landing Pages and why Digital Marketing is Important?

landing pages

Landing pages are a very important tool within your digital marketing automation processes, because they are the place where conversions occur.

If you still have no idea how to use them, create them or where they should be in the customer journey; we invite you to read this article, since here we will talk about everything you need to know about landing pages.

What are landing pages?

A landing page, also known in Spanish as a landing page, is a simple web page where visitors arrive to become leads.

If you have no idea what a lead is, don’t worry, because with this word we refer to the change in status of a visit to a website. For example, going from visitor to subscriber or customer, or simply to leave your data to download an info product.

In simple words, a landing page is the place where you create a more intimate point of contact with a prospective customer.

Importance of landing pages.

The main importance of landing pages is to attract customers through the Internet.

Basically, what we are referring to is feeding the databases or customer lists for the sales department of a company, indicating in an informed manner when a prospect meets the appropriate characteristics to become a customer.

The advantage of a landing page compared to any other page on a website is that it was created exclusively to fulfill a specific objective, which prevents the visitor from being distracted and not performing the expected action.

How do landing pages work?

A landing page works as follows:

  • The visitor sees an ad or selects the page of a product or service of the brand.
  • The website directs you to the landing page, which focuses on a single message, with a clear call-to-action and a specific offer.
  • If the user likes the offer proposed on said page, they will proceed to fill out a form with the contact information that is of interest to both the sales and marketing departments.
  • Finally, you will press a button that has a well-defined call to action (CTA) and you will obtain the benefit that has been specified on the landing page, such as being subscribed to the company’s electronic newsletter.

Good practices for creating a landing page.

When developing and publishing a landing page, you will need to take care of certain aspects of web design that help persuade the visitor to become a lead.

Let’s look at each of them:

Optimized URL:

As we already said, one of the characteristics of landing pages is that they are a separate website, some call it a single site, because it is a single web page with all the necessary information about a certain product or service.

It is very important that the link to this site is clear and is related to what the user is going to find. For example, if your promise is to download an eBook with social media strategies, then the URL should be that /eBook-social-media/.

High impact headline:

75% of the success of a landing page depends almost exclusively on the headline, but we are not talking about a misleading headline, but rather one that touches the pain points of your audience.

How is that? Just talk to him about how what you offer will help him improve his day to day. Don’t sell, convince them, that’s the trick of a 5-star title.

Give them benefits that calm them down:

Surely you will have come across web pages on more than one occasion where they show you the testimonials of other users who have already purchased the product or service, and whose opinions are positive.

You will also have read that you have a guarantee or even a money refund if in so many days you do not get what you have come looking for.

Well, all this is valid in a landing page because it allows the resistance of the user to decrease, convincing him that there is no real risk when filling out the form and accepting the call to action.

The call-to-action button:

Your call to action must be specific, compelling and leave no room for doubt. If the action is to download an info product, then it must be “Download” , if what you are looking for is the subscription to the newsletter ” Subscribe”.

In addition to this detail, to promote a unique and simple action, you must also take care that the form is not long, complicated or annoying to fill out; otherwise, users simply will not convert.

The images:

The last piece of advice is that you try to have a high-quality image that really stimulates the visitor’s senses and tempts them to want to get the product you are offering.

But keep in mind that images are also a distraction factor, so don’t abuse them and only use them to finish convincing your audience to become a lead.

Summary of the post and frequently asked questions about landing pages:

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a landing page to which a visitor arrives to become a lead and become part of a company’s database of customer prospects.

Tips of landing pages.

Landing pages are categorized based on the function or goal they want to achieve. So, we have landing pages for:

  • Get subscribers.
  • Make affiliate sales.
  • Get them to contact the company.
  • Download info products.
  • Attend a digital marketing event.
  • View a video.
  • Share information on social networks.

What is the importance of landing pages?

Its importance lies in capturing and converting visitors into customers. They do this through a process called the customer journey, where a visitor shows a constant interest in what the brand offers and therefore, it is speculated that he is much more receptive to accept a sales offer.

Why is the landing page title so important?

Because it is through the title where users are briefly explained the real benefit they will get after filling out the form.


Landing pages are a great tool within your digital marketing strategies, because you can include them in content marketing, social media, and email marketing and even within the SEO strategy.

They also end up serving as breadcrumbs, to indicate to sales managers how convinced a prospect is to offer a product or service.

In short, the more landing pages the same person visits, the closer they will be to becoming a customer of the company and if they already are, you may end up retaining them.

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