Website Redesign vs Website Refresh: Which Do You Need & Why?


It’s easy to maintain a physical store rather than maintaining a website. There might be thousands of fluctuations in the whole system. It is tough to see the management. However, it is also tough to choose between Website Redesign vs Website Refresh. There are some specific circumstances for that. In this write-up, some such cases have been discussed. You can also go through the resolution of issues. Some probable solutions have been discussed with these issues. This might help in your internet research.

Website refresh overview

There are two processes for  a website. One is website refresh. The other one is website designing. Refreshing a website means making only minimal changes. However, both of these are extremely important. These changes might not be major but are important. Thus are important for checking the issues of a website. In simple words, here are some features of website refreshing. Here is why you should go for website refreshing: 

  • Website refresh is a time consuming process. It takes place over a small time period. Maybe the changes may be introduced over a week or two. However, they are quite significant and show their power. It means that changes would be slow but significant. It might include changing a color. Maybe the color change of the menu may work. However, it is all about making small changes. These changes are important for a revision over a time period. Or else, your website might start looking boring. For a change, refreshing is needed. 
  • It also depends on the wish of the website owner. He or she might take some months or years to make these changes. It may take some specific circumstances for these changes. This forms an important part of the optimization of websites. This may also be used to test a website for leads. However, it may also be used for A/B testing. There are also many more circumstances for these processes. Also, you would need to visit your website more often frequently. This is an important phase for your website management. 
  • Some changes may be too fast but highly effective. For example, it happens while changing the color of a website. You would just have to play with some CSS coding. However, it would have a specific target and impact. It also implies that changes are slow. It also means that you need to ensure proper formatting and designing. It can be done with the help of a revisit. You would then be able to get high-quality changes. 

There is more about these subjects and topics. These are some features of a website refresh. In the entire passage, the duration has been shown. You can see changes are slow but highly effective. This also means that you need to have frequent revisit to your website. This may take some time but be effective enough. This might also need you to gain assistance from the experts. 

Website redesign overview

Redesigning a website is more time consuming as compared to refreshing. This is an extensive topic. This needs an exposure to the features of a system. However, below are important features of a website redesigning. Go through them for an extended knowledge of this progress. You can learn about the importance of aspects of website redesigning. 

  • As already explained, making minor changes is necessary for a website. In this case of redesigning, these changes are major. In simple words, this includes a proper formatting of a website. For example, you need a change in your car. So, you go to purchase a new one. Or adding new features just to have an extensive workout. This is also an important factor in the redesigning of a website. 
  •  Generally, a website is looked upon for minor changes. In the long term, marking changes in the entire website is needed.  This calls out for a professional formatting of a website. Thus, you need to go for extensive experience in website changes. Your website needs too many solutions and formatting revisions. You can ask the experts for more advice and assistance. Thus, you need to ensure proper advertising and promotion. 
  • You can either go for a total change. You may have a look at the theme of your website. Switching from one website theme to another might be tedious. Thus, you would need to ensure a proper formatting. This is possible via the usage of proper tools and applications. You need to visit more tools and applications.


The main thing is that it doesn’t matter what you do. However, you need to view the most important reason. Cost effectiveness is necessary in both cases. Refreshing is necessary if cost is not a factor. On the other hand, redesigning is important. This may need several years for this process. 

Hire the best responsive web design company for the best results. This is important for your business. 

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