URL Shorteners – Why Affiliate Marketers Should Use Them

URL Shorteners - Why Affiliate Marketers Should Use Them

There are many things that you need to do when you are running your own successful affiliate marketing business. If you have joined any online affiliate network like ClickBank, Amazon, or other big networks, you must have realized that the link that contains your ID tends to be very long and ugly. Here are the top 3 reasons why you want to use a URL shortener.

The first reason is that you want to make it more presentable. If you are going to put a long link on your website or in the emails you send to your customers, it will look very ugly and your customers may not want to click on it. Most of the visitors on the Internet believe that most of the long and ugly links are always related to websites that contain spyware or adult material.

The second reason is that you will want to mask your own unique identifier in your referral link.

There are some visitors who will try to replace it with their own ID so that they can get a discount on the product by buying it with their own referral link. You’ll provide an extra layer of security to ensure that you receive your commission if a customer purchases a product from your link.

The third reason is that you can shorten the link to put it in your Twitter message if you are using Twitter marketing. There is a very limited space of 140 characters that you can put in your tweets, and you’ll want to use URL shortening to include a live link in your message. If you have a good relationship with your followers and want to recommend a good product to them, you will want to use these services.

Here are the top 3 reasons why affiliate marketers should use a Free URL shortener. There are many of these free services available online, and you’ll want to use them effectively to get more clicks on your links, which will mean more revenue for your business.

Short URLs have many benefits

If you’ve ever used Twitter, who hasn’t these days? – you’ve probably seen shortened URLs from services that make short URLs from long and cumbersome ones. These shorter URLs take up less space, which is very important for Twitter. Shorter URL results in more informative retweets because more of the message can be included, while a long URL doesn’t take up space in the tweet.

Short URLs are much better than long ones. A long URL is so easily broken if pasted into an email, social media site, or forum that you run the risk of frustrating the people you’re trying to direct to a particular site. But if you use a shorter URL. It’s less likely to get corrupted during the copy, cut, and paste, meaning you can get your information to the destination as efficiently as possible.

If you use a URL shortening service, use a reputable one and test your new URL shorteners to make sure they’re directing users to the correct site before publishing. Of course, you should also check all regular-length URLs. Because the longer the URL, the more likely it is to get an error when it’s passed from one side to the other.

Many URL shortening sites have other features that you may also like.

They may offer benefits such as antivirus link scanning. The ability for users to earn commissions for clicks on shortened URLs, website plugins, and tracking statistics for shortened URLs. Some allow you to put custom content in abbreviated URLs so you can have short but informative links for your target audience.

Short web addresses can also be used in various search engine optimization techniques. For example, short URL services may use so-called 301 redirects. Which tells search engines that the short URL has been permanently moved to the long URL it is associated with. Therefore, search engines will count these links as long URLs.

But in URL shorteners that use 302 redirects, search engines consider the short URL to be temporary, and in these cases, link credit is not transferred to the long URL.

So, if you want the links you tweet or otherwise share to generate link credit for the website. You should use link shorteners that use 301 redirects. If you don’t want those links to generate link credit for a website, select a service that uses 302 redirects.

Some of the best URL shortening services will provide tracking statistics that will provide anything from basic to advanced reports that will allow you to analyze traffic coming from shortened URLs. This data can be very valuable for analyzing site traffic data.

How to shorten URLs – make your links more attractive and useful

Web applications typically use long strings of characters in their URLs. These descriptive character sets often represent command syntax, paths, session data, and hierarchies in the overall information system. This exercise mainly results in awkward URLs that are difficult to remember and also fit into the parameters required by other web applications, including sites that cater to microbloggers. URL shorteners solve this problem by redirecting from a long URL to a relatively shorter and more concise one.

If you want to add a long URL to a blog post, blog comment, or forum comment. You can get the link to truncate. If this happens, the live link will not work. You might have the same problem with microblogs like Twitter, which usually limit URL links to a hundred and forty characters, so copying and pasting anything other than Short links will be useless. You will need access to a simple URL shortening script.

Shorter URLs are more convenient for posting to forums, blogs, social networking sites, and other web applications. These shortened URLs are also better for email because you can send the URL without wrapping or breaking it. You can also hide affiliate links or customize and turn them into unique and personalized URLs with keywords. Overly long URLs that shorten with a simple. URL shorteners are more meaningful and increase the recall of the URL and the site.

URL shortener offers Internet users several options for shortening URLs.

With a simple URL shortener script, you can simply paste a link and click a button to shorten the URL. URL shortener PHP scripts allow you to add URLs directly to Twitter, track the number of clicks on those shortened URLs, and more. For example, you can use a URL shortening script that simply redirects from longer. Full URLs to shorter ones to track hits as well. This can be a very effective tool for testing the effectiveness of various online marketing campaigns or events. For example, you can publish one version of a shortened URL on one site in an ad campaign and another version on another site. You can then observe the hit counts determine which was more effective.

One last idea you can use a URL shortening script for is to create link bait for your site by creating a free Firefox toolbar or plugin that uses your script as a way to drive traffic to your site and get links. As you can clearly see, there are many uses for the URL shorteners script.

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