Types of BIPAP masks in Pakistan(2021 Updated)

Types of BIPAP Mask in Pakistan

A BiPAP machine can help pump oxygen into your lungs if you have breathing issues. A person has to wear a mask while using the BIPAP machine. The pump inflates your lungs with pressurized air. If the breathing is very low, the BiPAP mask can not be a suitable choice. If you have a lowered level of consciousness or difficulty swallowing, it might not be enough for you.

If you’re not happy with the face mask you’re wearing, buying a BIPAP device is useless. This is why understanding the various types of BIPAP masks is important. Before purchasing BIPAP mask It’s better to do your analysis and shop around for a mask that best suits your skin, diet, sleeping patterns and your doctor’s advice.

Top BIPAP Masks Tips:

A leaky mask will cause your nose to dry out, so try to ensure your mask fits properly.

Always use BIPAP masks under the doctor supervision

If you don’t stay with a full-face mask, a strap will help keep your mouth closed and reduce the risk of dry mouth.

When making changes for the optimum performance, lie down with the CPAP Mask covering your forehead.

Types of BIPAP masks

Types of BIPAP Masks in Pakistan

Full Face Mask

The full face BIPAP mask, which covers both your nose and mouth, is the most popular. It’s the most stable of the lot, because it’ll stay on your face even though you turn through the night.

Patients with extreme sleep apnea benefit from full-face BIPAP masks because they need higher pressure for optimum effectiveness. Since it blocks all airways, it’s also ideal for those who breathe from their noses.

However, the full face mask can be a little heavy. It also prohibits you from reading or wearing glasses. It’s also not much comfortable!

Nasal Pillow Mask

If you have claustrophobic tendencies, a nasal pillow mask is your best option.

Nasal Pillow is inserted into the nostrils and closes them It allows pressurized air to be delivered straight into the airways. It’s much more comfortable to wear than a full-face mask.

Since the nasal pillow just protects your nose, it would not interfere with your night-time sleep.

However, as easy as it is to put on, it still has a risk to slip off. There is risk of pulling it out of your nose in the middle of the night if you make one harsh attempt.

 As a result, Nasal Pillow mask may be beneficial for those who travel around a lot while sleeping. With repeated usage, the insides of your nostrils can become irritated.

Nasal Mask

If you find that the nasal pillow isn’t as safe as you hoped or that the full face mask is too suffocating, the nasal mask is the ideal compromise for you.

You won’t have to contend with the suffocating sensation of keeping half your face hidden. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to change your mask, either.

However, mouth breathers should avoid it because the pressurized air will cause mouth dryness. You will normally avoid this by sleeping with your mouth sealed with a chin strap. If you find nasal masks to be irritating, go for a full face mask instead.

Where to buy BIPAP mask in Pakistan?

There are number of online stores that are selling BIPAP mask in Pakistan like Medical Supplies Pk, Daraz, and many more


CPAP or BiPAP devices can be prescribed by a doctor for patient use at home or in the hospital.

Doctors assume that using BiPAP on a regular basis will help patients with extreme CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE. BiPAP machines can also decrease the number of CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE patients who need to go to the hospital.

In addition, BiPAP machine may be used in an emergency. A BiPAP machine will relieve some strain on a person’s breathing muscles and heart during a flare-up of CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE symptoms This enables them to breathe more quickly. It also raises oxygen levels and brings carbon dioxide levels down to normal.

Differences between CPAP and BIPAP

Another kind of portable, pressurized breathing system is the CPAP machine. But for patients with COPD, BIPAP is usually the best choice.

The major difference is that, while CPAP only makes a person inhale, while BIPAP helps a person to inhale and exhale while using two separate pressures. This means the BIPAP devices make it possible to exhale.

CPAP keeps the airways open by applying constant pressure to them, whether the person is breathing in or out. This pressure prevents the upper airways from closing, making breathing easier and helping to keep oxygen levels stable as the person sleeps.

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