Top 8 Benefits of Computer Based Testing (CBT examinations)

Computer-based examination

It’s the era of digital devices and online learning, as most organizations are transforming their businesses into digital mode. Even when we love many things in education like internet-based learning and virtual assessment tests for our convenience. Today, computer based examination are in trend as this new mode of assessment is adopted by many examination assessment bodies and various organizers. 

These online tests provide convenience to both students and exam organizers both. Apart from flexibility, it offers many benefits, some of which are:

Dynamic and Individual Assessment

Exams are personalized to every students. Besides, based on previous responses of learner, the level of difficulty can be judged. Candidates who are about to appear for an internet-based examination should prepare their syllabus through an online assessment portal provided by private institutions. These things help the candidates prepare well for a good score. 

Large Scale Delivery of Tests 

Computer-based tests help the candidates appear for the test conducted on a large scale without having to wait longer individually. It’s the primary reason examination organizations, and assessment boards are used to perform tests online. It provides both a feeling of satisfaction and comfort to the students and the examination boards. 

Grading System

Because of the enormous physical assessment procedure, the process of results are longer in offline examination. In this process, teachers and invigilators must go through the answers minutely to give marks to the candidate. 

On the other hand, CBT or computer-based tests provide instant and quick updates to the students to award their scores based on their performance. There are many university entrance examination service providers in the world that offer top-quality services to examination boards. 

The online assessment system is the preferred accessing method by most universities, colleges, and government bodies to hire or recruit their main force. CBT provides a faster evaluation system that checks students’ performance based on the collected data. It gives an idea to instructors where the students are lacking in their performance and in which area they need much improvement. 

Well Organized and Smooth Procedure 

In a traditional examination system, many procedures take much time, like preliminary examinations that begin months before the commencement of the examination. The invigilators and staff who are provided job responsibilities of managing examination services used to work hard. These procedures, like handling, transportation, collection, and storage, need much time and teamwork. 

The retrieval and marking of the answer sheets are equally time-consuming. These processes are tedious as well. In CBT Examination, the processes and activities are efficiently streamline.

Taking Care of All The Students 

Computer or online tests provide a helping hand to all students. For example. if candidate abled, exam center will support them with several helping resources like text-to-voice application, software of voice to text, screen reader etc.

Restrict Teaching Malpractices 

In the offline or traditional mode of examination, there are many cases of cheating. Computer-based tests and online examinations are good for preventing cheating malpractices. It brings transparency to the examinations because they are proctored from the back end. It helps boost integrity. 

Convenience in Taking Examinations 

Like offline examinations, candidates need not travel long distances to reach the examination center. Exam organizers and testing agencies are conducting CBT or online examinations. It offers convenience to the students in appearing for the examination. Now, students can easily choose their desired examination center nearby and appear for the same. It cuts many costs like traveling etc. 

Knowledge of PC and Laptop

Online and CBT require tech-literate candidates because, without the knowledge of the basic movement of the mouse and keys available on the keyboard, candidates can’t do miracles in their examinations. With the knowledge of PC and laptops, you will be able to know about the IT security solution providers in your area that adds the knowledge how you can get your system issue resolved through experienced professionals. 

In the guidelines of CBT examination, it is mentioned that computer knowledge is mandatory for exam.


Most of the services become online, and CBT/online examinations are no exception. Today, more and more examination boards and testing agencies are organizing online tests and examinations to bring transparency to the examinations and assessment systems. Government and private bodies are adopting the online examination system. 

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