Things to carry for Goa before travel

things to carry for goa trip

Gao is one of the best tourist places among Indian as well as foreigners with it beautiful beaches, churches and its nightlife. we should pack some important things to carry for Goa before travel.

Things to carry for Goa Trip

we are one of the best tour and travel agency in Mumbai so we compiled a list of things to carry for Goa before travel for your vacations.

The Right Footwear

When it comes to beach destinations, the correct footwear is crucial. When visiting Goa, the best footwear to wear is crocs or floaters, which are ideal for walking down the beach. A pair of dressy shoes should also be brought with you to ensure that you gain access to the area’s posh nightclubs.

Cottonwear Shorts

Cotton and shorts are the two items that should be prioritize. Simple chinos or linen pants and shirts, as well as shorts, are good options for men’s clothes.


Goa is all about beaches and a laid-back lifestyle; it demands that you spend more time in your swimwear than in your regular clothes. You can get more than one piece of swimwear for your travel packages to Goa, and it’s ideal to go crazy with the bright colours and trendy styles.


If not the swimsuit, the sarongs will be your greatest friends on your trip to Goa. Sarongs and multi-drapes to wear over your swimsuit are essential. These are highly feminine and can be worn in a variety of ways, making them an excellent choice for the best outfit of the trip.

The Funky Jewellery

Nothing completes a cool casual appearance like the proper piece of trash jewellery. Entertaining accessories, such as funny neckpieces, fashionable headbands, unusual wristbands, and fun earrings, can brighten up any look, whether it’s for a guy or a woman.

Sunscreen is a Must Have

A place as sunny and damp as Goa is a delight to behold, but it can also be quite a torment for the skin. As a result, when visiting Goa, sunscreen is one of the most important items to bring with you.


Sunglasses are the second most critical item in your luggage when travelling to Goa, just after skin protection.

Water Bottles

The scorching sun of Goa might leave you thirsty all day, so keep water on hand at all times. When considering what to bring to Goa, another nice suggestion is to bring your own light and easy-to-refill water bottles.


Carrying your favourite straw hat to Goa is another trendy method to protect oneself from the scorching sun while still looking fashionable. In the sweltering weather of Goa, these hats protect your face and neck from sunburn.

Lip Balm

You’ve taken care of your skin and your eyes, but the condition of your lips is in grave danger of falling out of line. As a result, bringing some lip balm with you on your Goa tour packages from chennai is usually a good idea.

Camera for the Photo Lovers

A vacation to a place as breathtakingly gorgeous as Goa would be incomplete without the necessary equipment to capture it all for later enjoyment, which is exactly what a camera is for.

First Aid Kit for Safety

Goa is a location that comes alive at night, but not everything in the city is open 24 hours a day, so bring your money with you when you go on your midnight escapades.

Fanny Packs

Traveling necessitates carrying your essentials with you at all times, such as money, phones, and so on, and a fanny pack is the ideal spot to store all of your things. A fanny pack hangs around your waist without much weight, making your hands useful for whatever you want to do. It’s considerably more comfortable and easier to carry than standard backpacks.

Wet Wipes & Sanitizer

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer make the cut for this list of the most vital things to bring to Goa due to the moisture-laden saline winds of the state.

Power Banks

Traveling without phones may appear to be a joke, but it is held in the same light as travelling without power banks. Traveling to any location, be it Goa or the Himalayas, without power banks would mean living with a dead phone if the necessary charging points were unavailable.


When it comes to carrying bags to a place like Goa, large comfortable totes or backpacks are your best bet. These bags can be made of canvas or any other lightweight material that is easy to carry for a day at the beach.

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