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The Evolution of Women’s Fashion Trends: From 1920s to 1990s

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Fashion, trends, style are meant to change and evolve with time, and it is quite fascinating to understand that some of these vintage clothing styles, which were popular in their respective eras, are timeless pieces.

Vintage Clothing Guide: 1920s to 1990s

In the 1920s, straight line chemise and close-fitted cloche hats, along with short or “Bob” hairstyles were very popular. Camisole and bloomers replaced the corsets that took the breath away, almost literally. The low-waisted dresses with fuller hems were loved by most women.

In the next decade, longer skirts with sleek waistlines came to the fore. Vintage tops and skirts and dresses with pleats, collars, and darts were introduced. Short hairstyles and cloche hats remained in fashion in this era too. Cheap, factory-made garments became popular because of the Great Depression. Factory-made mass production of clothes would reduce the selling price of garments.

The 1940s saw women’s clothes with squared shoulders, narrow hips and skirts just below the knee. After the World War II, “new look” began to replace the wartime clothes. Women started accessorising their outfits with hats, handbags, and gloves. The makeup was natural with red lips. The dresses and tops saw a variety of necklines with little or no skin show. Rayon dresses with colourful patterns and contrasting trims became popular.

Professional clothes in the 1950s meant swing or pencil dresses and the fabrics used were cotton, wool and corduroy. Sailor-themed dresses, border prints, polka dresses, pastels and ginghams were loved by the women, which they paired with kitten heels, saddle shoes and stiletto heels.

Pillbox hats and suits with short boxy jackets and over-sized buttons and full-skirted evening gowns were the most commonly worn dresses of the 1960s. Miniskirts created a fashion revolution in this era, which is immensely popular even till today. The previous era’s stiletto heels were still being preferred by the women.

What about the fashion styles in the next decades? To know about that, scroll below to check the infographic.

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