5 Tips for Sustainable Travel for Conscious Travelers

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel includes practices that support the environment, local communities, and aim to reduce a traveler’s carbon footprint. Sustainable travel, hence, differs from ecotourism (which refers to tourism in specific natural regions).

So, what is sustainable travel? 

Sustainable travel includes practices to reduce negative environmental and social impact due to traveling. It ensures that there is minimal negative impact on an area and the planet as a whole due to traveling. It means to protect a destination’s environment and cultural heritage with a focus on long-term benefits. 

Are you wondering how you can travel sustainably? If yes then consider these five tips for sustainable travel. 

Opt for eco-tourism attractions.

Most countries now have dedicated eco-tourism destinations or attractions. You can choose any such destination for your travels. You can combine the usual popular tourist attractions with some ecotourism places to balance your travel plans. For instance, India has been developing several eco-tourism places in nearly all its states. If you want to visit any of these, you can plan your travel by booking cheap flights from USA to India from the Indian Eagle website

You can participate in agritourism activities or go to wildlife reserves that are doing commendable conservation job. There are now umpteenth options for eco-tourism to fuel your desire for sustainable travel.  

Choose off-season travel.

The fact is that people are not going to stop traveling to popular tourist places. So, to bring sustainability into your travels, you can opt for off-season travel (also known as off-peak travel). How does it help? During off-season, local businesses that rely on tourists for their income, often struggle. Helping local communities is a part of sustainable travel. So, by choosing off-season or off-peak travel, you can aid local businesses and communities. 

As there will be less crowd during the off-peak season, you may also get time to explore the destination differently than indulging in the usual touristry things. You can partake in community events, mingle a great deal with the locals, pay a family to feed you local delicacies etc. 

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Pack reusable and plastic-free things.

Pack light but ensure you pack reusable items to lessen your use of plastic and other waste. For instance, take along a reusable water bottle to reduce your need to keep buying plastic bottles. You can pack one lightweight water bottle with you. You can fill it with fresh water available at your hotel or any accommodation as and when needed. 

Other things to carry are a steel straw, a ceramic cup, reusable cutlery, collapsible food boxes etc. Pack a shampoo bar to avoid using toiletries filled in small plastic bottles in your hotel room. 

Use public transportation.

Once you have arrived at your destination, try taking public transport instead of private cabs for your travel requirements around your destination. If you are flying to an international location, try taking trains for your travel within the country. For instance, if you are taking flights from Seattle to Mumbai or Delhi; once you arrive in the city, you can take the metro for intercity transportation. If you need to travel to other cities from Mumbai, you can opt for trains as a means of transportation rather than taking domestic flights within the country. 

Be a mindful traveler.

You can take up several mindful practices for sustainable travel. For instance, plan long holidays instead of short ones. Instead of exploring one international destination, you can include multiple cities in your itinerary within 2-3 nearby states. This is more applicable to countries that are big such as India, USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, and others. 

Request for reusable shopping bags from local vendors. Conserve water whenever possible especially if you are traveling to an arid place. Walk around your destination whenever possible. Use your own earbuds on flights. The idea is to avoid use-and-throw plastic accessories or items whenever possible. 

Once your long-haul trip is over, you can plant one or more trees to offset your carbon footprint. 

With these simple tips, you can begin your sustainable travel journey. 

So, what are your sustainable travel plans this year or going forward? For now, you can use Indian Eagle flight-booking services for cheap or last-minute flights to India from USA for umpteenth opportunities for sustainable travel. 

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