Step by Step Procedure to Get A China Visa from the UK

China Visa

Many people like to visit China because of its splendid culture and history. Its grasslands, deserts and mountains attract the people. Are you planning an adventure tour in China from the UK? Here is the step-by-step guide that helps you to get your china visa efficiently. When you plan to visit China, there are lots of procedures and visa requirements. Before applying for the visa for China, you need to familiarize yourself with the visa procedures. Therefore, you will be relaxed when handling your visas.

Step 1: Find Whether You Need A Visa or Not

First, ensure your visa purpose and know when you are visiting the country. When you are applying for a china visa, you need to meet china’s visa-free policies. If you plan to layover in China, approach Chinese visa services, the expert agents that offer you great convenience and make your visa process hassle-free.

Step 2: Know the Type of Visa

When you plan to apply for China visa UK, there are many types of china visa. You may get confused about which visa type suits you. If you apply for the visa without knowing the purpose, there may be a higher chance of rejection of the visa. If you plan a vacation tour in china, apply for a Tourist Visa (L Visa). Visa services help you in the process. The experts communicate with you clearly and know the purpose of the visa and help you till the end of the visa process and make your application’s success.

Step 3: Prepare the Required Documents

Here have listed some documents that are required for any China visa application:

  • A Valid Passport: When applying for a visa, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months before entering China. If not, then renew your passport; otherwise, you may need to face many complexities. Agents in China visa UK services make you understand and help you in every step.
  • A Complete Visa Application Form: You can download the China visa application form from the Chinese embassy or with the visa services’ help. You can complete the details on the computer. In the UK, you should complete an online form.
  • A Recent Passport-Type Photograph: When you are applying for a visa, get a recent passport-size photograph in white background, which should be approximately 48mmx33mm.

Based on the type of China visa, you need to provide several additional documents with the required documents. For e.g., if you apply for a tourist L visa, it is mandatory to prepare and provide the air ticket booking record and hotel reservation or an invitation letter. If you are going there for a personal visit to meet your friends or relatives, then an invitation letter is enough where it replaces the air ticket and hotel booking.

Step 4: Submit the Application

Make sure to submit the visa application in time at the corresponding visa office at Chinese embassies or China Visa Application Service Centers. As when processing the application, they collect the required documents and fingerprints. The normal processing time of the China visa from the UK is 4 days, and the emergency services will take 1 day. And as per your needs, visa services help you to get your approval. If you like to make your visa a higher chance of success, then approach the reputed visa services that provide fast, efficient service at a competitive price.

Step 5: Get Your Visa

Depending on the number of entries and nationality, the fees vary. If you apply with the respective agencies, they help you to get the visa on time. They make your process more straightforward and easier to get your visa on hand.

When You Should Apply for A Visa:

Visa is vital to get in as early, but not too early because it is valid for 90/180 days from the issue dates. So, it is recommended you apply for the visa one or two months before your travel date.

Wrapping It Up:

Did you like to make your china trip more enjoyable? Then approach visa services. The professional agents help you succeed in your visa application and make sure of your interests and requirements and tailor the customized plan to meet your needs.

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