Playing video games is good for your child

Playing video games is good for your child

Generations of children are more open to modern technology – they have mobiles for communication. They have the internet as a reference for school work and they have mobiles or video games for fun. Some parents still like to watch their kids read hardbound books or play outside. Times change fast and so does technology.

Most parents refuse to let their children play video games because they know that video games are addictive and can lead their children to school. If you’re into these anxious parents, try watching video games in a whole new light and find out why your kids love them so much.

Here are some of the benefits that 2 hours in front of a PC can actually give your kids:

Encourages positive emotions

According to a survey, playing computer games makes a player feel 10 positive emotions such as fear and surprise, faith, curiosity, contentment, creativity, excitement, joy, love, pride, and surprise.

Commercial game developers understand this and believe that the success of any game depends on how much positive emotion it evokes when played.

Present educational benefits

According to a study by the Center for the Advancement of Education and Ready to Learning (RTL), digital media, including video games. Can enhance children’s early learning skills, especially under the supervision of parents or teachers.

Playing video games is good for your child

They encourage children with high-order thinking skills such as planning and implementation, strategic thinking, problem-solving and explanatory analysis. Through gaming, children also realize the concept of responsibility, teamwork, and goal setting. Visit website

Improves motor skills

A study by health researchers at Deakin University in Australia found that children. Those who performed fairly well were more likely than those who regularly played interactive computer games.

Gamers demonstrate better object control motor skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking balls. Studies show that children who played video games also showed better eye coordination.

Promotes practice

As a parent, you know very well that your child needs a healthy combination of mental and physical practice. There are various gaming consoles that promote Nintendo Y and Wii U, like Sony PlayStation Move and Microsoft Xbox 360 Connect. If your kids are interested in playing video games, encourage them to play on these gaming consoles – it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Promotes relationships

Most parents think of playing console games as a time-wasting activity, but they don’t realize that most of them are designed for group and social games. There are thousands of different groups and family games on the market. This creates an opportunity for some meaningful quality time with family and friends.

While playing video games can give your kids these benefits. It’s still important for you to let them play in moderation. Say, for example, only allow them 2-3 hours of gameplay per day after they have done all their homework.

It is also important to check whether the games. Their play is appropriate for their age or if they are too violent. Parental guidance is still the most important thing.

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