Payroll Management System: Types of Payroll and Calculations

Payroll Management

Payroll is an essential term that a company uses to pay its employees their monthly compensation.

If you are running an organization or business, it is essential to tag every employee. Benefits, cutting, and exemptions under the monthly wage will all be clearly stated in the Payroll management sheet.

Types of Payroll Management Systems

There are many types of Payroll. Here is a list of where and how to use this term and tag it. Employee Pay Slip lists the distribution of paychecks for employees as their daily wages per day. Wages, withholding, salaries, deductions containing financial records and other items found in employees’ paychecks. Payrolls for employees who have not worked days are added to the list.

Employees can prove their earning potential by obtaining this proof to be considered eligible for the next job. A company will pay an employee who is determined to work for the company. This Pay describes their current work conditions.

What is a Payroll?

We will explain what Pay is and why it is essential for employees. These points are available in columns. The rows that correspond will record the employee’s contribution to their job.

Information for Employees

Employers must record this information to obtain basic information about employees. According to KYC documents, Payroll includes information such as name, address, date of birth, UAN, and more about an employee. 

Hours Worked

Every company has a set time that employees must work during the week. This allows the employer to track the hours and allocate the money per the working days. Employees working in origination must have their time recorded and noted in Payroll.

Time off

Each worker in any stream of work or official organization has specific days they can use for leave. In the same stream, Payroll has a column that records the leaves taken by employees. 


A basic salary is what an employer pays an employee according to their job title. The company pays a fixed annual salary divided by work days to the employees. This salary is the primary term of Pay.


Wages are hourly wages for a worker who is not a permanent employee of the company. The working hours are calculated, and the results are then recorded on a sheet.

Overtime Payment

In overtime payment slot, the employees’ total earnings is present instead of his salary and wages. To receive minimum additional Pay from the employer, working on Sundays or holidays will be included in Overtime Pay.


Employees have PF and saving terms. These should be used to save their annual salary. This will be deducted from the total salary to determine how much was contributed.

Payroll Taxes

The payroll Sheet must include tax as a column. The total earnings of an employee or worker should be tax-free. After calculating tax, the amount deposited into the worker accounts will reflect the total. This information is essential for income tax proof, including Federal Tax, State Income Tax, and Local Income Tax.

Gross Pay & Net

Net Pay is the sum of all the Pay a company needs to deposit into an employee’s account. It includes the total salary, extra income, and a reduction in income tax.


There are many ways to prepare Payroll. Consider all of the points above. Any government stream will accept a Payroll as valid proof that a salary was deposited.

By hand: 

List the columns you must point to for your employer. Any additional columns will be permanent for your employees. You must update the sheet monthly to know the amount you need to pay to the employee. 

Through Accountant: 

An organization with many employees can hire an outsourcing accounting to fill out the Payroll. Accounting will take care of tax deductions and have experience.

By Software:

There is much software online, such as ERP Software, Human Resource Management Software and more, to calculate the Payroll software for all employees. Once one has given the essential information then the software must automatically update to deduct all columns from the employee. In the end, you will receive a printed output listing all columns.


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