Overheated car (In winter)? Is it possible? How you can prevent it?

You will be amazed at the fact that a car might go overheated in the winter too. But, how is it possible despite the freezing cold outside?

An overheated car is a reality when it does not have an intact cooling system. Look at these points to understand the reasons behind an overheated car.

What makes a car go overheated in winter?

An engine cannot operate without the mutual interaction of a number of car parts. Therefore, friction is quite common when metals interact with each other. Besides, the combustion also produces heat.

However, a malfunctioning cooling system may be the reason behind the rise in temperature in a vehicle. Even though it is freezing outside, the cooling system needs to work, albeit at a low intensity.

A cooling system consists of a number of components, and there is enough probability of them going bad. Usually, a low level of coolant might be the primary reason among a failed thermostat, a defective compressor, etc.

Let’s go through these legitimate reasons for your car overheating.

  1. Low level coolant hurts your cooling system capacity and allows engine overheating

Usually, engines allow coolant to flow through the passage and take up the heat. Later, the coolant travels to the radiator, where heat is absorbed by the cool air that is flown through it.

However, a proper level of coolant can perform the task of cooling even in the winter. However, it might be wasted if there are leaks, and there wouldn’t be as much coolant to combat engine heat. Instead, air flows through, preventing the heat generated by the engine from being transferred to the radiator. As a result, the engine builds up heat and eventually overheats.

A sweet burning smell usually highlights coolant leakage. Besides, it could be your car’s rising temperature gauge.

However, a low level of coolant just needs topping off, but it is wise to verify for leakage to properly investigate the cause. Besides, it is necessary to be mindful while topping up the cooling level because there are varieties of coolant available for specific vehicle requirements, such as inorganic acid formula (IAT), organic acid technology (OAT), hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT), etc. But, choose wisely or consult with a professional at Service My Car.

  1. Your cooling system’s bad thermostat is making things worse

A nonperforming thermostat could be a cause for concern behind the non-cooling act of your car’s cooling system.

As the thermostat manages the flow of coolant when it travels through the radiator and engine, it plays its part in maintaining the temperature in any condition for the engine under the hood. However, a failed thermostat is not good for temperature control, it might get shut off. In a closed system, the coolant could not leave the engine passages when it was expected to come into the radiator for further cooling.

In such a condition, the cooling halts and your car sense the high temperature. If you experience a sudden overheating of the engine, just turn off the engine and call for car recovery from Service My Car. There is no point in running your vehicle in such a condition if you do nothing to rescue yourself from the hefty bills for car engine repair.

  1. Your car’s problematic radiator is the primary culprit

A radiator usually has a very important role to play in dissipating heat from coolant. But what happens if this does not happen?  The radiator hoses are damaged and leaks coolant, or if there is any type of congestion? Sometimes, the radiator might get filled up with leaves, dust, or other foreign objects, leaving less space for cool air to pass through or messing up the vents.

How can you avoid an overheating engine in winter?

As it goes for other car components, the same goes for the overheating problem. Nothing can match car maintenance. When you opt for the proper inspection, the cooling system is usually diagnosed for damage to hoses, the thermostat, coolant levels, etc.

If you take care of your car, it never disappoints you. You can approach Service My Car for your car related issues.

What should you do if you encounter a car that is overheating?

Since unfortunate events happen, if you experience a car engine overheating, you should take the safer side of the road to stop the vehicle. Next, turn off the engine. By doing this, you are saving your vehicle from being damaged because, at some point, the engine’s metal will also lose its resistance to the heat.

This might result into hurting the engine that does not settle with a complete engine replacement.

Just be cautious when opening the hood because there might be something dangerous inside. Avoid opening the hood for a moment, or use safety. Additionally, you can use the heater to disperse the heat because it utilizes the engine’s heat to warm up the cabin.

Be wise and cautious, as the hood can become very hot even in freezing temperatures. Above all, avoid attempting to remove the radiator cap.

Besides, call Service My Car for a quick car recovery. However, you can book a car service or order a car repair quote at our website or app online.

If you need any type of service or car polishing sharjah, service my car provide pickup and delivery plus full car service at the nearest repair center.

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