Kraft Soap Boxes What They Are Made Of and How to Best Make Use

kraft sleeve boxes

Do you know what kraft soap boxes are and how they can best be used? These wholesale custom kraft soap boxes are made of cardboard and come in a variety of sizes. Kraft sleeves are typically produced using three parts: an inner sleeve, an outer sleeve, and the container. The container is usually either a fold-over box or blister pack that has been pre-printed with your logo. This makes it easy to create custom wholesale kraft soap boxes for any occasion! 

Kraft soapboxes are a great way to package your products and make them stand out. They can be made from kraft paperboard, corrugated fiberboard (CFR), or recycled material like post-consumer materials. We will discuss wholesale custom kraft soapboxes, what they are made of, and how to best use them for your business needs! 

What is Kraft Soap Boxes? 

Kraft soap boxes are made out of kraft paper or kraft material boxes that are brown or dusky white. They are the best for the customization and designing of products. It protects the material and does not disintegrate when exposed to water or any other liquid. 

How is Kraft Soap Boxes Made? 

The process makes Kraft soapboxes of depositing pulp or fiber onto a screen. First, the water is remove, and the sheet material moves to the dryer section, where hot air removes more moisture. Further processing takes place after this point, depending upon what kind of box is being manufacture. 

They have a single opening at the top, which is seal by an adhesive strip. The user has to tear off this strip to open up the box or take out its contents. There may be other designs as well that can suit your requirements perfectly. 

What are the Pros of Using Kraft Soap Boxes: 

Following are some of the advantages of using custom kraft boxes: 

  • Customizable:  

The wholesale kraft boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose the one that is most appropriate for your product or brand identity. The pale and brown colors of kraft paper make it easy to make designs and impart colors. 

This allows the users to add their logos, choose their designs and colors and do much more to make these kraft sleeve boxes look more personalized. 

  • Cheap Production: 

The wholesale custom soap boxes offered by BPC Packaging come at an affordable price tag. As a result, quality products do not have to cost an arm and a leg anymore! 

The wholesale kraft boxes are more affordable as compared to the custom printed paper boxes. 

In addition, these wholesale personalize soapboxes do not require too many resources and efforts for their manufacture, and hence cost-cutting can be done quickly and effectively with them. These wholesale kraft box suppliers provide a variety of options in terms of customization so that you get precisely what you want! 

Soap Box Sizes: The wholesale kraft sleeve boxes come in different sizes, such as – 100 x 150mm, 115 x 170 mm, 120 x 110 mm, etc. You can also find other variations like- 130x180mm or 140x150mm by just checking out the catalogs offered by BPC Packaging. A lot of additional 

  • Easy to Make: 

These wholesale kraft boxes are straightforward to make. Most wholesale soapbox suppliers offer short-run customizations that can be done by hand or machine for this purpose. In contrast, others may require you to print your design on a self-adhesive label and attach it before closing these wholesale boxes. 

How do these wholesale kraft sleeve boxes work? These wholesale personalized kraft soap boxes have an opening at one end, closed with an attached lid to keep contents inside safe. The other side usually has printing-related information like logo, contact details, etc. Apart from having their designs print onto them to market themselves better, manufacturers also use cheap wholesale kraft soapbox suppliers who let customers choose any image they want for themselves. 

  • Easy to Store: 

These wholesale kraft cardboard boxes and wholesale custom kraft soap boxes provide an easy way of storing used soaps or other products as they come with a lid that keeps the smells inside. 

The one disadvantage is that if you use them for long periods, some smell from the product may seep through to give your clothes a musty scent. One solution would be to line these wholesale personalized kraft soapbox suppliers with plastic before putting any product inside. This will keep their contents safe even during transit while also keeping off foul odors. 

These wholesale custom kraft paper boxes are usually made out of cheap recycle material like newspapers and magazines because it helps reduce costs for manufacturers who want to cut costs. 

  • Weightless: 

Wholesale kraft paper boxes are incredibly weightless. This is because they’re made from a lightweight material, making it easy to carry around and transport goods in wholesale custom kraft soapbox suppliers without worrying about them weighing you down. 

These wholesale personalized kraft soap boxes have a lot of uses that can be put into action by business owners and regular customers who might want some extra storage space at home or office use. To begin with, these wholesale personalized Kraft Paper Boxes could serve as an excellent way to store all those little knickknacks that otherwise clutter up your house – whether it’s books, toys, jewelry, etc. In fact 

  • Sturdy:


In addition to being lightweight, these wholesale custom kraft paper box manufacturers come with an additional benefit in the form of sturdiness, making them perfect storage solutions not just at homes but also in offices. So, if you have something like, say, an expensive bottle of perfume or wine that needs to be kept away from sunlight (to avoid spoiling), it makes sense to keep it in one of these wholesale personalize Kraft Paper Boxes – they will protect your commodity even when stack on top of each other.  

  • Does not Disintegrate When Exposed to Water: 

Custom wholesale kraft soap boxes are sturdy enough to protect your belongings when stacked on top of each other. They can be use for storage at homes and offices because their sturdiness is excellent when it comes to protecting the store well from any damage like exposure to sunlight or moisture, etc. 

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