Is Studying MBBS in Nepal a Good Decision?

MBBS in Nepal

There has been a friendly relationship between India and Nepal, because of which Indian students got a compromise with the facility of MBBS in Nepal. Medical colleges are the most sought-after place for MBBS in Nepal, so one can enter Nepal after admission into MBBS courses in Nepal. Qualified candidates can enter the best medical colleges in Nepal. MBBS reading is a wonderful opportunity for medical students worldwide in Nepal.

Why Nepal Can Be An Opportunity to Study MBBS for Indian Students?

  1. The number of Nepal in respect of language barriers is very low for Nepal and Indian languages and it is easy to catch.
  2. Implementation of modern tools and technology
  3. Secure for overseas students and affordable housing facilities
  4. Lays the foundation for superior postgraduate courses.
  5. International standard courses, merit-based selection procedure, and low tuition fees.
  6. About the climate of Nepal, the climate condition of Nepal is known as the environment and is very suitable for other parts of the country.

Nepalese offer a hearty acceptance to foreign students and it makes it much easier for students of Nepalese to mingle in Nepal, so this is the best place to study and will promote your profession as a doctor.

MBBS Selection Criteria and Eligibility for Indian Students

The procedure of admission is fair and transparent, though MBB entry in Nepal is at least in the package and its preparation is also necessary. English is the medium of instruction. There is an entrance test in college and the selection of students is done on merit.

For Indian Students

50% of seats have been allotted for foreign students in the college of medical science. The Indian students who have entered the MBBS course in Nepal have to meet these criteria for study MBBS in Nepal.

  1. The admission test or candidates who have passed the recognized year examination of the MBBS program in their respective country or internationally recognized examination will be eligible for admission to the respective program.
  2. The applicant must have completed 10+2 years of education, or equivalent English, physics, chemistry, and biology as the key subjects and must have secured less than 50% marks in each of these subjects and also secured 50% marks in the aggregate.
  3. Students seeking to study MBBS in abroad in Nepal should submit the eligibility certificate issued by the Indian medical council (MCI).

The culture of Nepal is primarily Hindu and Buddhist. The teachers of Nepal include several Indian professors. Nepal and India have same food variety and for Indian students, there is a lot of facility in Nepal for living and studying. The language of teaching in Nepal is not an issue as education is in English or Hindi. One of the most noteworthy features in Nepal is that students do not need to apply for a visa. Indian citizens can go to Nepal without any visa. In Nepal, after the fourth year of MBBS, students will be eligible to apply for an internship in various medical institutions and have practical experience. During the internship period, they will ensure that a high level of knowledge and experience is acquired by medical students pursuing the MBBS course.

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