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[Infographics] Why Product Packaging is Important for Brands?


The packaging industry is the largest industry that plays a role in nearly all the sectors. Packaging keeps everything organised. It is a study and technology of preventing damage by sealing products. Packaging can also be characterised as a systematised system of arranging goods for transportation, storage, logistics, trade, and end-use.

Among so many similar products from different brands, packaging design can be considered as a crucial factor for a customer’s purchasing decision. Right colour, proper shape and size, the functionality of packaging and the right tone of the message to be delivered can make your brand stand apart.

Whether it is food, cosmetics, electronics or clothing, creative packaging or customised packaging supplies can draw consumer attention as it reflects the brand’s standard and care towards their customers. Hence, packaging also plays a very crucial role in a company’s marketing strategy. The packaging is one way through which retailers can stand out among the crowd. It helps you to tell customers to understand and know your brand.

Unwrapping and unboxing creative packaging can encourage customers to share images on social media and show care towards the brand, as well. This is how creative packaging not only creates an unforgettable experience but, also highlights the best features that a particular brand offers.

Another way to stand out and market your products through packaging is by using sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is popular among today’s consumers. Using eco-friendly packaging for your business is an initiation towards a healthy environment and another factor for attracting customers.

With careful planning and packaging design, products packaging can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Many packaging companies are available in the market that can provide you with customised packaging supplies as per your company’s requirements. Packaging Midland is one of the best mainstream distributor of packaging supplies in the UK. From cardboard storage boxes, paper products, packaging labels to custom packaging and packaging system and machinery. You can explore a range of packaging material available with them.

In the infographic below, we have summarised the effect and importance of packaging in drawing customers attention and building relationship with them.

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