How To Use Concept Maps In Qualitative Research – Dos And Don’ts

Qualitative Research

Concept maps in qualitative research can play a significant role in improving the quality of your research. Through concept maps, you can use charts, tables, T-charts, timelines, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and graphic organizers to show qualitative data. This way, you can explain or understand complex ideas or concepts in an easy way. However, there are many things you need to focus on and avoid while making any concept map. Keeping those things in mind can help you make the best use of concept maps.

This article will explain the use of concept maps in qualitative research. It has explained all the Dos and Don’ts you need to remember while using concept maps.

Concept maps:

Concept maps are referred to as visual manifestations of information. They use some forms of charts, tables, T-charts, timelines, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and graphic organizers. Concept maps are usually used by researchers, students or teachers who want to learn or better understand something with visual representations.

The concept map is referred to as a graphical or diagram tool that visually shows relationships between ideas and concepts. Most of the concept maps show ideas or concepts as circles or boxes. These are called nodes in the concept map. These nodes are aligned in a hierarchical structure and are linked with arrows or lines called arcs.

Concept maps can help students to understand or organize new concepts or information. It aids students in creating meaningful links between the main concept and the other ideas. They are very easy to make. They can be used for any type of content. You can get coursework writing services UK to get done these.

Concept maps in qualitative research:

Qualitative research is a type of research that makes a proper inquiry to seek a full understanding of something in its natural setting. This type of research focuses on the “why” instead of the “what”. It depends on the direct experiences of humans as meaning-making agents in people’s lives.

Concept maps in qualitative research can play a significant role in displaying qualitative data and information. Concept maps can be very helpful in displaying both qualitative and quantitative data for your research.

A concept map can become an important approach to qualitatively inquiring as it can help the researcher and the reader to focus on the concept and meaning. The concept map in qualitative research can help the researchers understand the meaning of participants and the links that participants discuss throughout the inquiry.

Using a concept map in research can help you represent your understanding of your main research question. The concept maps to aid you in managing your ideas and thoughts. It can help explore the relationships in the research. Concept maps in qualitative research consist of charts and graphs to confirm or test the theories related to your research.

Dos of concept maps in qualitative research:

The following are the things you need to consider while using concept maps in qualitative research:

  1. You first need to focus on identifying the major concepts for your concept maps. Qualitative research consists of many concepts or ideas. Before making a concept map, it is important to first identify the significant concepts or ideas you want to use in research. After identifying them, present these ideas in a selection of text.
  2. After identifying the ideas, the next thing you need to do is to organize these ideas into various categories. By doing this, you can organize your understanding in a better way. Making categories has many benefits as it can help you give better outcomes, improve the quality of content, and save time. It helps you to use resources efficiently and to understand the concepts better. It will also increase your innovation and collaboration capabilities.
  3. The next thing you need to do while making concept maps in qualitative research is to use lines or arrows on the map to show how various concepts are linked to one another. Using arrows and lines can give structure to your map. It helps to understand complex ideas in a simple way. Showing a complex idea through maps can make it easy to understand. It makes it more innovative and interesting.
  4. After making the maps, you should share them with others. Sharing with others can allow you to evaluate your concept maps. You can observe what conclusions others are making through your concept maps.
  5. Use concept maps to summarize any idea or phenomenon you want to explain in your research. Some readers do not like to read a lot of text to understand something complex. They get bored easily. Thus, it would help if you drew concept maps to show the summary of that complex phenomenon.
  1. It is also important to focus on how the various ideas are connected while drawing a concept map.

Don’ts concept maps:

Following are the things you need to avoid while using content maps in qualitative research:

  1. Try not to use large ideas and concepts in the concept maps. By doing this, your concept can become very messy or overwhelming visually. Therefore, try to make your concept maps as simple as you can. It is because the main purpose of concept maps is to simplify things.
  2. Do not use long keywords. It is important to use simple and specific terms in concept maps. Using large phrases or complex keywords can lead to incomplete representation.
  3. Do not take much time in making concept maps. Remember that concept maps are just a very small part of your very big research. Therefore, it is important to take only a limited amount of time so that you can have proper time to work on other things.


You can now effectively use concept maps in qualitative research by following the do’s and avoiding the don’ts mentioned above. Try to identify the important ideas and make meaningful connections between these ideas. This will help you to make a concept that can manifest your understanding in the best way. It is important to keep your concept maps simple and clear.

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