how to stich night dress

How To Stitch a Night Dress


How to sew a night dress is just as important as knowing how to sew other types of dresses. 

The dresses that you choose for nights out on the town or the prom will be made out of material that does not crease easily. It is also going to be of very high quality. 

However, these are things that many people forget when learning how to sew a night dress

The fabric and the construction are the essential details of the entire dress, but other things are also necessary.

What should you keep in mind?

Keep in Mind Some Useful Methods
Keep in Mind Some Useful Methods

1. Use Heavier Cotton

One of the first things you want to keep in mind is that you will want to use heavier cotton for the nightgown. 

It can be cotton that is a bit heavier than the average cotton so that it does not crease as easily. You can quickly wear this beautiful vintage-styled dress all evening long. 

It is not only the most stylish item in the world, but also it is hot and comfortable! 

If you need a quick fix, you could always toss this gown on with your most favorite sweater and then tie a lovely turquoise scarf over your neck for extra warmth. 

It is one of the easiest ways to sew a nightgown because all you have to do is thread a thread through your raw edge, and you will have a gorgeous-looking garment!

2. Sew Two Sides Together

When learning how to sew a nightgown, one of the most important things to remember is to sew the dress right sides together at the bottom. 

There are several different ways to sew a nightgown, so before you start, you should decide which method is the easiest for you to use. 

3. Long-Length sewing

The easiest way to sew a nightgown is called long-length sewing. 

It is where the gown will line up the seams along the side of the dress, right sides together. 

4. Short-Length Sewing

The other most common method is short-length sewing, where the gown will line up the seams along the middle of the garment.

Start Sewing


Once you have determined which method you will use, you are ready to start sewing! 

To begin, set the first line of the nightgown from the center back to the crease of the armhole. 

Then sew the following lines, lining up the proper side seam allowance. 

Continue to the end of the town, where the hem will meet the neckline.

To learn how to stitch a nightgown, start by working a loose thread through the seams and cutting it. 

Use the seam ripper to cut the thread. You are now ready to attach the edging to the hem of the garment.

When cutting the second line of the nightwear, use the same sewing machine you used to complete the first one, but this time, make sure the cutting wheel is set to zigzag. 

It is much easier to get a good finish with this cutting. Once all the cutting is done, turn your work over and allow it to dry.

Bottom Line

It is much easier to sew your night dress with the method I described, if you want to buy some new night dress then you can buy ladies undergarments online or from any local store.

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