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[Infographics] How to Remove Scratches from Your Floor


Contemporary flooring enhances your home décor. Your home is the place where you welcome your guests and you would surely want to receive great compliments for your interiors. You had installed beautiful flooring but everyday wear and tear has lead to some scratches.

Due to these scratches, your floor has started looking ugly. Fret not. Check out the infographic below and learn how you can remove scratches from your wood, vinyl or laminate flooring.

Removing scratches from your floor is an easy DIY task. Using a few things, like white vinegar, wood stain, lacquer sealer, wood filler, putty knife and lint free cloth, you can easily remove scratches from your floor.

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring with deep scratches, then using the method we are mentioning here, you can get rid of them. First, take some white vinegar on a clean cloth and then clean the area where there is a scratch. Put some wood filler and using the putty knife smoothen the surface. Once it’s dried, apply wood stain. After it dries out, apply a thin layer of lacquer to seal. Follow these steps and you will have a shiny elegant floor.

For lighter scratches, you can use wax instead of wood filler as mentioned in the infographic. For vinyl flooring scratch, you would require lacquer thinner and liquid seam sealer. And then follow the steps mentioned in the infographic below to achieve a smooth shiny floor.

For ceramic or porcelain tile floors, first, clean the area using vinegar and water. Once the area is dry, apply toothpaste on the scratch and let it dry. Use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. And finally, apply a thin layer of flooring sealant.

Check out the infographic and get of rid of the scratches from your floor.

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