How To Plan a Product Launch With Using Jobs To Be Done

If you want to launch a product without any stress and chaos, this article provides complete step-by-step instructions for a successful launch.

There can be many roadblocks while planning a launch for full product or features. This impacts team communication, customer market acceptance, and revenue model of the business. You must not just plan the product launch checklist, but also prepare for the uncertain events that may occur during the launch.

Let’s understand different steps for a successful launch:

Proper Customer Research

Your goal for a good product launch cannot be achieved without implementing customer feedback for that. This may seem labour-intensive work, but the customer reviews provide real-time feedback for your product features and how it is impacting them. Eventually, it’s the customers who will buy your product, and you need to remember that they don’t buy a product but a solution to their jobs to be done

Work out Actionable Product Goals

This step is necessary to streamline your product goals with the customer feedback. You can figure out the most important product goals, marketing goals, and sales targets to achieve. You can enlist target KPIs against each product goal, how to achieve those, resources required to do so, etc., which will help in building product launch.

Create Effective Product Launch Template

For a better visibility and strategy implementation, you must have a workable product launch template. It helps in tracking your product needs and goals, and you can add your brand identity to the same. A high-level branding is necessary for proper internal and external communication, which pays the hard work during product launch. You can also add actionable simple icons to your roadmap for avoiding long paragraphs, and leads to effective communication to your customers.

Play with Roadmap’s Colour Palette

To stand out and improve customer’s memory for your brand values, you can use a contrasting colour palette for your icons. You can use recognisable colour palettes to segregate functions and timelines according to the product phase. For example, a red colour palette can be used for product improvisation, where the red signifies product failures. Also, you can deploy shades of a single colour if you want to keep it monochromatic.

Find Suitable Products Launch Index

The products launch index enlists your product ideas and how you want to implement those. Also, you can plan your products launch roadmap in various forms – timeline, graph, mind map, standard index.

This provides easy visibility for employees working on the product, which can be handy for hiring new members to the team in any phase of product development.

Include Milestone Feed

We are filled with loads of information during the product development phase, which reduces our attention spans, and affects the product launch steps. 

For this you can include milestone highlights to your product launch roadmap. Pinpointing important highlights can help your team members to remember and work on their tasks without the pressure of maintaining records for the same.

Add Right CTA Links

You know that there are different team members involved in whole product development and launch phases. Not every information is relevant for everyone, so to streamline this issue you can include relevant CTAs linking to their respective teams.

You can break down your products launch into smaller product goals with timelines, with a call to action linked to each of them. 

Visualise Product Timelines

You need a product development cycle which requires minimal communication and faster results. But you don’t want to miss tracking the progress of your teams, which is why a real-time timeline chart can help in this. 

It provides visibility and transparency across every department, which excludes the need to track every task from every team by automating timelines.

Create an Actionable Checklist

Apart from timelines, actionable checklists become a great tool for product management to implement a successful products launch. To ensure you don’t leave any step of your product development. 

This is also helpful in communicating proper product messages to different product marketing channels including emails, blogs, in-app messages, etc. You can easily monitor product development and launching tasks through a proper checklist system in place. 


With the above tactics, a successful products launch roadmap can be easily created which is informative and ready for market.

Deploying proper research without losing out the important features of your product communication is crucial for effective launch positioning. After incorporating these tips to your products launch roadmap, it is imperative to prepare positioning messages on different channels, which realises product value to the customers effectively.

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