How to motivate your child to do homework? Must Read

“How can I motivate my child? How can I let him know that studying is important and that he needs to study for his exams?” We get asked these questions over and over again. There is no easy answer to this question, but there are many obvious little things that make a big difference.

Frankly, a nine-year-old child usually just doesn’t care if he will have great opportunities in the job market at 25 if he is currently struggling to complete his homework.

From many children you can hear: “I have a good relationship with my parents, but as soon as it comes to education, we have problems!”. As a result, children develop a goal to avoid these situations as much as possible. They put off schoolwork, disappear into the bathroom, or get lost in their own thoughts.

If you and your child are in this situation, a mental exercise with weights will help you. Imagine that the motivation of a child is determined not by one factor, but by many. Like weights, they cause the scale to tilt in one direction or the other. A group of parents at one of our workshops said that a child would be better able to learn if:

  • First, make a plan with him and clearly define the time for completion. Emphasize something positive, such as “It’s great that we were able to start right now.” The child can do homework where he wants, for example, in the kitchen, and not in his room. After completing each task, be sure to take a short break. Try not to raise your voice at the child, do not criticize him or lecture about the importance of learning. It is allowed to do some homework in the evening. The child can listen to soft music while learning. Pay more attention to the individual progress of the child and do not compare it with other children.

Take timely breaks

When do children need a break from school and Assignment homework? Much sooner than you think!

As everyone knows, breaks are an important part of studying and working. They are used for relaxation and allow you to focus on working for a longer period of time. But:

  • If you ask your parents when you need to take a break from school, you can hear the following answers:
  • The responses indicate that the general consensus is that a break should be taken when the child is tired and can no longer concentrate on the task. Sounds logical, but there’s a better alternative: let your child take a break before they get tired and lose focus!

Result? Thanks to short training courses and short breaks between them, the child remains focused all the time. It is easy for him to work and after studying he is relaxed. A longer break of 20-25 minutes after three training units (20-25 minutes each) allows him to fully recover.

How to find the right break interval for your child?

Together with your child, pay attention to when he gets tired. And over time, you and your child will be able to roughly estimate how long the work stages and breaks between them should last.

Encourage your child to take short breaks before it becomes difficult for them to concentrate. The first two breaks can be very short (3 to 5 minutes) and should not distract the child from studying. Look out the window, chat, drink juice, etc. If homework takes longer, the third break should be longer.

Breaks for exercise are especially helpful. A few push-ups and five minutes of running have been shown to improve concentration and focus, which is especially beneficial for children with ADHD.

  1. Children don’t like to be alone.

Young children just love being around their parents. Although parents often do not have free time, they willingly find it when it comes to school. But even if the parents often spend time with the child, many children simply do not like to be alone. They feel uncomfortable when they are sent to the room to do their homework.

Your child does not have to be alone to work independently. You can invite your child to work next to you in the dining room or at the kitchen table. Mind your own business: check email or pay bills while your child does homework nearby. If they often interrupt you, you can tell them that they are interfering with your concentration: “Write down your questions and do the next task. I’ll help you figure it out when I’m done.”

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