How to get positive reviews, feedback, and UGCs for your business

How to get positive reviews, feedback, and UGCs for your business

Because it is essential? Thanks to the content that people generate independently, you can demonstrate customer satisfaction. Social proof is often based on these dynamics.

But the work of getting reviews, comments, and interactions can also become helpful in terms of SEO search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization): the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the engines’ organic results…, loyalty, and content marketing strategy. Some concrete examples? Here’s how to get user participation and the related benefits in terms of applied web marketing.

The Topic of This Post

  • 1. How many types of UGC can you get?
  • 2. How to get positive reviews?
  • 3 The value of positive reviews

How many types of UGC can you get?

The world of user contributions is comprehensive. Your goal is to understand which ones are useful for your work and practice the valuable strategies to work in the right direction. The first step is this: to know the characteristics and capabilities of the various user-generated content. Where do we start from?

Comments on blogs and social networks

This is one of the starting fields of the work aimed at the generation of user-generated content: that of the comments that people leave in the blog, a blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper,” or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …corporate or personal, or perhaps in the interaction of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Why is all this useful?

Content-rich in comments is synonymous with participation, engagement, from the English “involvement,” is a term that indicates the level of involvement of users concerning a company or brand, often used in the field of Social Media Marketing. Thus, there is …and audience involvement. Furthermore, on Facebook, all this is linked to the content itself’s reach and visibility, and a blog can have benefits in terms of visits if a post receives many comments. Finally, without forgetting that comments, on WordPress become indexed content that Google sees.

The techniques to get more comments on social networks and in the blog? Simple, you have to use them all to action. Call to action (translation: call to action), or CTA, instructs the public to provoke an immediate response. In this, an imperative verb like … is usually used… That is to say, and those sentences ask the reader to come forward. And to leave a contribution. Sometimes a simple imperative verb is enough to activate this virtuous and useful dynamic for the brand.

Non-proprietary reviews

Other UGCs that are particularly convenient for those who work in web marketing: I’m talking about everything that falls within the reviews section. That is to say, the opinions that people leave on proprietary and non-proprietary platforms. In the latter case, I speak mainly of realities such as:

  • Tripadvisor.
  • Yelp.
  • Amazon.
  • Trustpilot.

On these platforms, you can do a job of monitoring and moderating through specific answers, using all the skills of a social media manager to manage even disarming criticisms with the tranquility worthy of the Dalai Lama. But you can go further.

How to get positive reviews? Open the profiles that concern you, take care of the platforms in the best possible way, and advertise your presence. Making sure there is an excellent reason to leave an opinion.

A favorable opinion. Are there any customers who are particularly happy with your work? Send a link to the platform and ask, kindly, to leave a review without insistence.

Proprietary Reviews

You can ask your customers to leave positive reviews to be published on proprietary platforms, such as the home or the landing page (translation: landing page) means a page specially created to convert site visitors into leads (contacts) or customers, often after having …of your site. These texts – or perhaps video messages, work even better – are spectacular in terms of social proof. People trust their fellow man, and having the honest input of an enthusiastic customer about your work can go a long way.

Content published on social networks.

This is a great idea: ask people to post something posted on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Maybe while using the product you sell or wearing the item of clothing you propose on the e-commerce. Do you want a concrete example?

Check out GoPro’s social media. These people are happy to share these videos with the brand. Because they represent the moment in which the brand asks the public to participate in creating the content. Leaving a door open is always helpful: this way, you make conversation.

Then define relationships and get material to use on social media. What are the techniques to be exploited? Leave a post on the social networks in question, maybe create sponsorships, and focus on the call to action: work on the desire to create a brand’s content actively.

How to get positive reviews?

The first rule: you have to work well. You won’t get quality feedback and contributions if there isn’t a service or good that does exactly what it promised. Disregarding public expectations is the first step to not getting positive but negative reviews.

But that’s not enough. To facilitate this path, you have to follow the rules of inbound marketing and take advantage of the inbound marketing path. How? Try to delight your customers.

The value of the positive reviews

You have to make sure they are happy to be part of your universe. This happens thanks to extra content, online customer care strategies. And an adequate community. For example, you can use Facebook Groups to create realities to give additional (and free) value that is often reciprocated with positive feedback. So how to get insurance positive reviews, in your opinion?


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