How to Choose an Air Purifier For a Baby

air purifier for baby

Whether during or after pregnancy, one of the simplest methods for renewing indoor air is to ventilate your home daily. However, this method is not enough to remove dust mites, cooking odors, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen on your clothes, etc. To eliminate this pollution, the most effective is an air purifier. But do you know which air purifier to choose for you and your baby? And what devices to avoid? This article will give the answer

What’s the advantage of an air purifier for a baby’s healthy?

Babies, infants, and young children are very vulnerable to all kinds of air pollution, as they breathe 40 to 60 times per minute (twice as much as an adult). Therefore, they constantly inhale significantly more air pollutants than adults.

If you think you have a safe home that can keep all contaminants out, think again. According to, indoor air quality is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoors. Several studies have revealed that this pollution leads to an increase in infant mortality and respiratory problems. Good air quality is important even before birth, with contaminated air being linked to difficulties during pregnancy and a higher rate of birth defects.

. Indeed, the atmospheric pollutants that your baby can breathe are numerous. Among them are tobacco smoke, formaldehyde emitted by carpets or furniture, dust, cleaning products, dust mites (and their excrement), mold and animal dander, etc.

Poor air quality has an impact on the neurological development of the child, which affects the results of cognitive tests and increases the rates of behavioral disorders. An air purifier will allow you to effectively trap all these pollutants and allergens and effectively protect your baby. Its effectiveness will be even greater if you leave your air purifier on all the time.

What’s the best choice to choose an air purifier for a baby?

Not all air purifiers are safe for your baby. During your research, you will have to pay attention to the air filtration technique used and in particular that the device does not emit ozone. This gas is known as the main component of smog: it irritates the respiratory system, aggravates chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and it can also compromise the body’s ability to fight respiratory infections.

The best choice for your baby will be to choose an air purifier that only uses a HEPA filter rather than an ionizing air purifier or an air purifier that uses UV-C ultraviolet light. Why this choice? The reason is simple: the HEPA filter is mechanical, and it does not generate ozone.

The golden rule: to purify the air of babies or children, never buy a device likely to generate ozone (ionizer, photocatalysis, UV-C light). We also advise against the use of plasma: this technology can potentially emit carcinogenic substances, a source of respiratory problems following incomplete oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the ambient air.

Which option of air purifier is better for a baby?

To maintain a healthy environment for your baby, we advise you to combine these two filters:

A HEPA filter: the latter can reduce all airborne allergens by 99.97%, down to a size of 0.3 microns.

An activated carbon: can adsorb odors, smoke, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The baby air purifier may also have a humidification function, which will allow you to maintain an ideal level of humidity in your child’s room. His interest? It helps babies avoid sore throats, dry sinuses, and stuffy noses, which can lead to allergies and asthma.

However, you will have to pay attention to the maintenance of the humidification system: poor cleaning can promote the development of viruses and bacteria in the water supply of the device. So remember to clean your humidifier regularly (as indicated in the user manual). This will prevent the spread of a culture of microbes in the air!

Finally, the air purifier should also have a quiet operation, so as not to disturb your baby’s sleep at night. Some models may emit a little noise when operating. We, therefore, advise you to pay attention to this point when making your choice, because a baby’s sleep is the most precious asset for young parents!

At last, what HEPA Air Purifier do we recommend?

SimPure HP8 HEPA Air Purifier for Pets Hair, suitable for filtering Dander Smell Odor Pollen Allergies, and Dust

SimPure HP8 air purifier for pets with advanced 4-in-1 technology and 360° Upgraded Purification Performance.  is equipped with the latest turbo air control technology to deliver 106 CFM (180m³/h) clean air.

It could protect the baby from pets’ hair, other dust pollutants, and it operator quietly,  it is your wise choice

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