How To Carry Out House Shifting During Monsoons In India?

How To Carry Out House Shifting During Monsoons In India

Are you planning to carry out a house shifting during the monsoon in India? Feeling petrified thinking about the drizzles, sprinkles, and soakers taking turns to ruin your relocation experience? Spending sleepless nights trying to figure out ways to accomplish your house shifting goals amidst the foggy and soggy weather outside? You don’t have to pray to the rain gods to turn away and rest for a while; we have the most effective tips to help you carry out house shifting during monsoons in India.

House shifting is a thorough and meticulous process. It is a burdensome occurrence in general and carrying out one during the monsoons is an added challenge. You need to prepare everything in advance and not wait for the last few days before the day of the move. Planning makes everything fall in place and the same goes for house shifting during the monsoons. We can make this seemingly impossible task possible by following the right instructions. So, here are the tips to carry out a house shifting during monsoon in India:

Prepare early

We already this by now that we need to prepare everything in advance. Now I will tell you what all you need to do to make this monsoon relocation achievable. You need to keep everything dry and safe from moisture. Otherwise, all your belongings will become damp or even get soaked. Later it will become a bed for the molds and mildews. Hence, here is what you should do to keep your things safe:

  • Get Plastic Covers

Go to your nearest departmental store and purchase plastic sheets. You should wrap each of the packing boxes with plastic sheets as water can seep inside the cardboard boxes even if they are packed and sealed well. The plastic sheets will keep the boxes dry and all your belongings inside will be moist-proof.

  • Keep raincoats and umbrellas ready

This part is obvious. You have to keep yourself dry as well. You cannot keep your belongings dry and get drenched yourself on the day of the move. Even before that, you will have to go to the local market now and then to fetch things for the house shifting purpose. Every time you go out, you need to stay protected from the rain or else you will fall sick.

Get professional help

House shifting is a grueling activity. You have to prepare, plan, pack, stack, transport, deliver and arrange the things in order in your new house. It is a detailed process and needs a lot of expertise. Conducting the entire procedure during monsoon in India makes things worse. So, you should call for professional help and find some ray of hope amidst the clouds outside! Professional packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai have the skill-set and experience to carry out your house shifting with speed and accuracy. Be careful about finalizing the moving company and remember to verify their credentials before going ahead with them.

Make a checklist

Make a checklist of all the belongings that you have in your household. You can make separate checklists for every room as this will make the job more organized. By doing so, you will be aware of the tentative size of your move that you need to transport from your current house to the new one. Furthermore, your packers and movers can also get a sketchy idea about the number of packing boxes that they would need to bring for packing your goods.

De-clutter your belongings

This particular measure will help you a lot in the house shifting process. Now that you have made a detailed checklist, you can check out the unimportant things in your household. Separate the unnecessary things that are cluttering up your present house. It is obvious; that you should not carry pointless clutter from one house to another paying for its transportation. You can sell some of the shabby furniture or defunct home appliances. If you have old books, toys, clothes, or shoes, you can donate them to a nearby NGO for a good cause. Discard the remaining damaged stuff. Cutting down the size of your belongings is an effective way to cut down the cost of your transportation.

Wash and dry your garments in advance

During monsoons, we face a common problem of having damp clothes. Whenever we wash and put our clothes to dry, it comes out moist and smelly. Carrying such damp clothes is not a good idea as it will damage the clothes further by aiding the production of mildew. Carrying moist clothes with other sensitive belongings can damage them. Moreover, moist clothes increase the weight of your move thereby increasing the cost of the move.

You should wash your clothes at least two weeks before the day of your move and air-dry them. If it still feels damp, iron them and fold them. This will keep your clothes in a good condition after the house shifting during the monsoon.

Check for closed-moving vessels

Many moving companies prefer to allot open moving vessels to transport your belongings. This serves the purpose throughout the year but it is not suitable for the monsoons. Ask your moving company to allot a closed moving vehicle to steer clear of the rain as you relocate during monsoons.

Keep shoe covers for everyone

This part is to ensure cleanliness and hygiene inside your house. The packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai continuously move to and fro through the entrance of your house while loading and unloading the goods. During monsoons, the streets are muddy and dirty; bringing patches of mud inside your house will invite unwanted germs and bacteria causing sickness. Make sure that you provide them with fresh shoe covers to keep your house clean and germ-free.

Enquire about the warehouse

If you are conducting an intercity house shifting and availing of warehousing, enquire about the condition of the warehouse. Make sure that it is well protected from the rains from above and even beneath. Water can flow inside the gates from below the gates and damage your goods. So, ask your moving company if their warehouse has concrete flooring with proper door seals.

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Start your move early

We all are aware of the conditions of the roads in India. What it becomes in the monsoons defines a nightmare. There are huge potholes that get covered with rainwater and you cannot guess what’s hiding below the water surface. There are huge mounds of creamy mud on both sides of the road. The drains on both sides of the roads overflow and the sewage water flow through the streets. Such is the scenario of the monsoon roads in India.

If you want to transport your goods through the same roads and in a safe manner, you should start your move early. Consider moving when there is daylight. In the evening, the puddles are not identifiable and can lead to unnecessary delays and even accidents. If you are moving intercity, it is natural that your moving vehicle will commute through the national highways which are safer in this regard.

Summing Up

Follow the above-mentioned tips to carry out house shifting during monsoons in India in an effective way. I hope you have a dazzling and drizzling move!

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